The Salvation Army Shield is the "community service" logo of the Army. It was used to symbolize the human services work of the organization, which began in 1896. The origin of the shape seems to indicate that the shield is an enlargement of the type worn in earlier days by Salvationists, mostly women, to join their collar. "The message of the shield... tells of a fight on a spiritual battlefield which must last as long as life itself, and that God in Christ is a shield to protect and save us to the uttermost."
The Salvation Army Crest is the ecclesiastical logo of the Army. It is a worldwide symbol of Christian compassion and service, first appearing in 1879 and symbolizing the Army's doctrines. The round figure (sun) represents the light and fire of the Holy Spirit. The cross in the center is the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ. The "S" stands for Salvation. The Swords stand for the warfare of Salvation. The seven Shots stand for the seven truths of the Gospel. The Crown, is the crown of glory, which God will give to all His soldiers who are faithful to the end.

The Salvation Army Uniform. The uniform identifies the wearer as a member of a worldwide evangelical movement, and is a silent witness to the fact that the wearer is a Christian. The insignias on the uniform indicate different rank and position in the organization -- blue worn by local laity and soldiers and red/maroon worn by ordained ministers, with varying degrees of rank, from Lieutenants to General. The "S" on the uniform stands for Saved to Save and Saved to Serve.

The Salvation Army Flag. The blue symbolizes the purity of God, red represents the blood of Jesus Christ, yellow is the fire of the Holy Spirit, "Blood and Fire" stands for the blood Jesus shed and the purifying power of the Holy Spirit, and the Star represents the fire of the Holy Spirit. The flag is international with the words, "Blood and Fire" appearing in the language of each nation.

IT STARTED in 1885

 Thanks to the “Ithaca Daily Journal” we can pinpoint the arrival of the first contingent of Salvation Army officers to Ithaca.

December 1, 1885

“The much talked of raid of The Salvation Army upon the unrepentant sinners of Ithaca and vicinity seems to be an assured fact, and a battalion of this religio-military organization is expected to swoop down upon the Forest City in a few Days.”

Actually the first religious service was held on December 6th of that year, a full description of it is recorded in the “Daily Journal” of the following day.

 Apparently it didn´t take the Army long to start a program of service to others as the January 19th 1886 “Journal” reports the following: “The Salvation Army was made the recipient of various donations of provisions, last evening by their friends.  Among other articles was a large soup bone, the gift of a generous butcher from the northern part of the village.”

During the ensuing years, The Salvation Army has endeavored to promote these two aspects of who we are, a Christian organization endeavoring to urge people to be reconciled with God and alleviate the needs of the less fortunate.


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