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Youth Leadership Development

The Youth Leadership Development program is an exciting new development at the Kroc Center. We will focus on crucial areas such as spirituality, education, identity & image, recreation, health & wellness, finance, and anything that will foster positive growth in the youth of our community. Teens gather together to explore everything from college placement & SAT prep, to helping the homeless and various community outreach projects.

Mentoring: Maturing the Community

The mentor is the forgotten piece to a child’s youth, but is a very crucial part of his/her development. In nearly every past culture, a mentor could hold as much, if not a greater, significance to the child than the parents. Together with parents, our mentoring takes responsibility for the growth of the child, thus creating the community that cultures thrive for.

The purpose of this program is to offer a source of outreach for youth. The goal is to administer spiritual, educational, and relational guidance in this critical stage of their lives amidst the strong feelings of peer pressure that surrounds them. Occasionally, there will be field trips to different locations. With the shortage in male leadership specifically in the urban community, it is necessary for a program such as this to be available.

Check out our Youth Leadership Development Weekly Schedule to see what we're all about Monday through Saturday!

Building a Future
Each month we issue a "self-challenge" to motivate and inspire our youth to make changes to their character that guide them to a positive future. An example of this is the "I will not curse" self challenge. Additionally, Public Speaking workshops give youths the confidence to deliver their opinions in an effective and appropriate way. On top of that, the youth learn everything concerning finances from credit scores to savings accounts and are schooled in having a financial gameplan.

Sports & Athletics
Flag Football is always exciting! With mentors serving as coaches, it also serves as a learning opportunity as well. Each week the youth attend a fellowship which deals with life skills and spirituality and they have to memorize a Bible verse or quote to play. There is also an upcoming AAU Traveling Basketball, the Kroc Kings & Queens (boys and girls). Sporting Events (Super Bowl, March Madness, etc...) are also showcased in the Loft on the big screen and participants are encouraged to foster comradery.

Fun & Entertainment
Sometimes today's youths often find it easy to get in trouble and here at the Kroc we try our best to make sure that isn't an option. The Youth Leadership program is constantly having a Movie Night, fun group talks, Cooking classes, and video game tournaments.

Advancing Education
Within the Youth Leadership program is a strong core of learning. Having a well rounded academic background, as well as, a professional career is extremely important in today's world. Everyday we offer tutoring in all subjects in the Loft. It is also required for all to construct a resume and cover letter. A useful tool in a youth's life is a hope for the future. Every youth is urged to write and submit a detailed 5 year plan for their lives. The plan serves as motivation to pursue their dreams no matter what.