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Divisional Headquarters


Southern New England Division
Serving Connecticut and Rhode Island

855 Asylum Avenue
Hartford, CT 06105
(860) 702-0000

Major David Champlin,
Divisional Commander
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DHQ Receptionist(Major Jackson, Receptionist for Southern New England Divisional Headquarters, is happy to assist.)

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Divisional Secretary/
Men’s Fellowship Secretary

Captain Samuel Gonzalez

Rhode Island State Coordinator
Major Wendy A. Kountz
- (401) 490-0240, Ext. 101

Director of Public Relations & Marketing
James Gordon - (860) 702-0033

Director of Development
Lisa G. Cretella - (860) 702-0030

Donor Relations Director
Dawn M. Fleming - Office: (860) 702-0037
Cell: (860) 331-0018

Director of Planned Giving
Michael Afflitto - (860) 702-0070

Marshal House Director of Operations
Lynn Naughton, M.S. HS-BCP - (860) 543-8430
Family Shelter - (860) 543-8423

Director of Childcare Programs
Heather LaCasse - (860) 543.8413

CONNRI Lodge & Conference Center
Assistant Camp Director

Katie Perrett - (860) 429-6840

Camp CONNRI - Summer Youth Camp
Divisional Youth & Candidates' Secretary

Captain David Childs - (860) 429-6401

To Schedule a Pickup:
Call 1-800-SA-TRUCK (1-800-728-7825)
to discuss a pickup of your items or to find out the nearest dropoff location.

New Officers Now Serving!

HARTFORD - Each year, many officers who serve our locations take on new appointments. These decisions result in officers moving in and out of our various locations, including several within the Southern New England Division. As some of our communities are now under new leadership, on July 16, their new officers came to Divisional Headquarters (DHQ) for a warm welcome by officers and staff. These officers also learned more about how the various departments and processes in the division function and had any and all of their questions answered. As every division can vary in its procedures, such an orientation ensures that these officers start out right, ready to serve in the most efficient manner possible.


Partners in the Community

DANBURY - As someone once said, "It takes a village to raise a child." In Danbury, the partnership between the Savings Bank of Danbury and The Salvation Army has never been stronger and as a result of this strong partnership, many children and families have benefited. The relationship has grown over the years and the true winners have been people in need in Danbury and the surrounding community.


The Glue That Helped Hold The Corps Together

NEW LONDON - Bessie Childs, Office Manager for New London Salvation Army, finished her last day on June 27, as her military family now prepares to move to the West Coast in July. Everyone who knows her is forever grateful for the mark that she has left on The New London Corps. Her entire family will also be missed, including her husband Nathaniel, a U.S. Navy Sailor and cousin of Captain David Childs, and two sons, Nathan and Andrew.


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