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Career Opportunities at The salvation Army

why work at the salvation army?

The Salvation Army, Syracuse Area Services, serves over 40,000 people per year in over 40 different programs; ranging from early education, mental health counseling, emergency basic needs, and homeless youth shelters to name a few. Our staff of nearly 300 is as diverse as the community we serve; and with so many opportunities, growth internally is not only possible, but strongly supported.

what its like to work at the salvation army

Who works for The Salvation Army

The staff of The Salvation Army are comprised of individuals from all walks of life, ages, beliefs, and cultures; but they all share a common goal to serve the mission. We want you to join our team if you are:

  • Passionate about creating meaningful change in a person’s life.
  • Compassionate in your approach to caring for the poor; feeding the hungry; clothing the naked; loving the unlovable; and befriending the friendless.
  • Uplifting to help those believe that things can be better than they are, bringing hope while helping people aspire to a better place in life.
  • Brave enough to go into places where others are not comfortable; impoverished neighborhoods; jails and prisons; hospital rooms; nursing homes; and immediate disaster scenes.
  • Trustworthy to ensure that 85-87 cents of every dollar donated goes directly ot servicing people in need

employee involvement

Staff are directly responsible for planning employee events and are active change agents for their programs and the overall agency plan.


If you enjoy the mundain and being tied to a desk, this is NOT the workplace for you. Whether you're rolling on the floor with a toddler, dancing with a senior, or providing therapeutic support to a family in their living room, The Salvation Army is a community based, outreach, and client focused organization.


The Salvation Army of the Syracuse Area has been in operation for over 125 years. We are proud that our client services as well as our administrative and finance operations have met best practices in Human Services operations and that we have received accredidation by the Council Accredidation.

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