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Where We Serve / Miles Park Corps.

Miles Park Corps.

The Salvation Army in Miles Park is dedicated to serving the men, women, and children who are at-risk and in need of financial, social service, and spiritual support. We work everyday to elevate individuals up from despair to provide hope and assistance. In teaching life skills, we provide individuals with an opportunity to maximize their physical, emotional, and spiritual being to effect life change.

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Address:  4139 East 93rd St.  Cleveland, OH 44105  (click to view map)
(216) 341-1640  |  fax: (216) 341-0037  |  web:

Unit Leaders Alex & Chad Brown

Email: | 

Hours of Operation:

Office & Social Service: Monday-Friday: 800am-4:00pm 

Join Us for Worship

Sunday School: 10:30am   |  Sunday Morning Worship:  11:30am

The Salvation Army is an evangelical part of the universal Christian church
that provides opportunity for spiritual growth and development. Our services are designed for the entire family and there is always a friendly welcome. Bible studies are offered with a concentration on real-life issues that confront so many of us today. The Salvation Army offers opportunities to provide worship and Christian service. All are welcome.

Ways to Donate to Cleveland Miles Park Salvation Army

Helping Us to Help Others

DonateNowButton2The Salvation Army is a non-profit organization wholly funded by private and public donations.  Your gift, of any amount, is needed to support our important community programs.  Please take this opportunity to make a donation now to help those in Cleveland Miles Park who are in need.  Your gift is tax-deductible to the extent provided by law.  Thank you!

Mailing in a Check?
 Please make checks to (memo: Cleveland Miles Park Salvation Army):

The Salvation Army
4139 East 93rd Street
Cleveland, OH 44105
or The Salvation Army Divisional Headquarters
ATTN: Development Department
2507 E. 22nd Street
Cleveland, Ohio  44115


Programs & Services

Meeting basic needs of all who come seeking help

With 'heart to God and hand to man', The Salvation Army strives to meet the basic needs of all who come seeking help. Taking immediate care of the basic human needs of food, shelter, clothing and safety is an important first step in the development of a more positive and permanent life change in the people we help.

It is essential to note that at no time the participation in spiritual activities be required as a condition for receiving needed services. All service given in the name of Jesus for meeting human needs and caring for hurting persons is in and of itself valued and is a spiritual ministry.

For more information about the following programs and services, please call  (216) 341-1640.

Current List of Programs and Services

Food Pantry
Soup Kitchen
Women's Ministries

Bible Study
Overnight Camp


Advisory Board 
You Can Help Make a Difference

The Advisory Board stands in service to the mission of The Salvation Army and is an essential component to its success.  The purpose of the Advisory Board is to be a liaison between The Salvation Army and the community at large. 

The board represents The Salvation Army to the community through advocacy, access, and fundraising.  The Board also ratifies all major initiatives and monitors operations in light of community realities, property matters, budgets, and related items.

The Board stays informed through its regular meetings, and through its committees and Advisory Councils. Executive and AdHoc committees meet intermittently to take up specific issues, and make recommendations.

The development committee of the Board is directly responsible for fundraising alongside our Development staff.  Our Board members help identify new prospective funders, they cultivate relationships, serve as natural partners, make introductions for Development staff to meet with new prospective donors, and they solicit gifts for our annual campaign, benefit events and any special initiatives and/or seasonal programs.  They help leverage significant dollars each year.

Interested in learning more about the Advisory Board or becoming a member?  Please call (216) 861-8185 or email Major Lurlene Johnson, Divisional Secretary & Area Coordinator of Greater Cleveland at

Cleveland Miles Park Advisory Board Roster

Bruce Akers
Tom Allen
Craig Arnold
Edward Asher
Keith Ashmus
Richard Bauschard
George Benson
Leon Bibb
Otis Bowden II
Emily Brasfield
Jeffrey Comi
William Douglas
Gretchen Exline
John Faile
Jeff Hastings
Albert Higley, Jr.
Timothy Holmes

Jerry Jarrett
John Koch
Michael Lisman
Robert Little

Robert Lyons
Martin Marcus
Margaret Mazza
Sam Miller
Michael Mintun
Larry Morrow
Raymond Murphy
Robert Neary
Rosanne Oatey
Alan Paulus
Anthony Peebles
Lyman Phillips
Donald Poe

Richard Pohle
Dr. Russell Raymond
Michael Reed
William Robertson
Kenneth Rogat
Marilyn Ruckman
Jonathan Sadlier
Roger Shumaker
Donald Smith
Kimberly Snavely
Donald Strang
John Struckely
Dudley Taw
Wendell Turner
Harold Williams
William Ziegler