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Dewald Community Center

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Dewald Community Center

Brenda Phillips - Director

Mission Statement

The Dewald Community Center at The Salvation Army is preparing the way in a faith-based Christian environment for individuals of all ages to make positive life choices through the development of quality relationships.


Academic Growth

  • provide educational opportunities for all levels of learning
  • promote reading, math, language arts and problem solving skill development
  • provide enhanced educational training in the arts and technology
  • Provide job skills training to increase self-reliance

Emotional Growth

  • provide an encouraging atmosphere to nurture positive living
  • help develop self-esteem and emotional maturity
  • encourage positive relational and communication skills
  • provide a holistic educational approach

Social Growth

  • provide recreational activities that support team building and cooperation
  • provide art, music and drama training to enhance skill development
  • provide an example for individuals of all ages to emulate
  • provide social service education in child development, healthy living, home and financial management

Spiritual Growth

  • provide a caring, Christian environment in which people feel safe and loved
  • provide a positive model of behavior
  • instruct faith-based life skills such as character, values, marriage and family relationships
  • teach spiritual values and Biblical truth


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