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NEOSA Emergency Disaster Services News Summer 2014

Released 7 August 2014

Volunteers and staff throughout NorthEast Ohio are active throughout the year, responding to local emergencies and providing mobile services to people in need. The following highlights provide a glimpse into NEOSA at work in the ministry of emergency disaster services.


Summit County Area Services

The Summit County Area Services EDS team has been busy in support of a number of activities throughout Summit County, as well as in support of the Toledo area water crisis:

·       National Donut Day - SCAS - June 6th

·       Hot Meals Program (parking lot picnic) - SCAS - June 12th /13th

·       Mobile Outreach - St Stephens Church - Every Wednesday 4-8 pm

·       Mobile Outreach - Akron Citadel - June 14th /July 12th  and August 9th

·       Ice Cream Social - Barberton Corp - July 19th


Cleveland Harbor Light

The Harbor Light canteen is active in Cuyahoga County, providing meals in low-income neighborhoods every weeknight Monday – Friday, feeding 25-50 individuals, along with responding to local disaster calls. The Harbor Light has just received a new EDS vehicle.



The EDS program continues to respond to emergencies over the summer and throughout the year.


Cleveland Temple

On May 17th, we used the Greater Cleveland Canteen in the Alive on E. 185th Parade, an annual event for the Collinwood neighborhood., which is always a fun event.  Here are some pictures (it was a rainy day this year).


Dover New Philadelphia

The summer has been busy with feeding in the park and responding to local emergency responses. The canteen has been active with local parades as well.


Newark has been busy with local parades as well as providing assistance during disaster times.



The Ravenna Corps has been active throughout the year helping out in local disasters, as well this past fall serving at the Fellowship of Christian Athletes in Strongsville.



Lieutenant Price reports that “So far this summer we have been out to a couple of community events. We have been out to the local park and served meals.”




The Service Unit from Oberlin has been busy responding to local flooding and delivering clean-up kits as well as being seen in local parades. Also they have helped out in the Toledo area with water distribution.



Major Karen Bender reports “My husband, five soldiers and I marched in the Mardi Gras Parade in Fairport Harbor on July 2, 2014.  The canteen was decorated for the theme honoring Veterans.  We walked along beside the canteen handing out candy.” Major Bender responds also to local disasters.



The Sandusky corps assists when an emergency arises and recently helped out with the water situation in Toledo, supplying water to the ARC. The local unit also helped out this past fall with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes event in Strongsville.


Northwest Area Services


In the early morning hours of August 2nd, the Metro Toledo area, encompassing over 500,000 people, learned the unimaginable – their water supply had been compromised due to unacceptable levels of a toxin produced from harmful blue-green algae known as microcystis. Residents were ordered not to drink, brush their teeth, wash dishes, or bathe in the water. Once notified of the water crisis facing the community, The Salvation Army mobilized its forces.


“We knew that in order to face this crisis head on, we had to divide and conquer,” shared Captain Kevin Zanders, Area Coordinator for The Salvation Army’s Northwest Ohio Area Services. “I gathered all of the water bottles in our inventory and began to check on those who are known to The Salvation Army as being housebound or transportation limited.”

In the meantime, Captain Tawny Cowen-Zanders, Associate Area Coordinator, drove 90 minutes south in bumper-to-bumper traffic to find water, as the water crisis and the ensuing panic had rendered all local and surrounding store shelves temporarily bare of water. After purchasing the water, she realized that the weight of the load exceeded her vehicle limitations. Two good Samaritans, Patrick and Michael, saw her struggle and offered to follow her back to Toledo with the remaining water. They wanted no reimbursement. They said that the good feeling they got from doing the right thing was reward enough.


“While Patrick and Michael did not think their good deed was extraordinary,” shared Captain Tawny, “I can assure you it was. Without these kind gentlemen’s assistance, the water our community so desperately needed would not have made it back. They are true examples of ‘doing the most good for the most people in the most need’.” Since the water crisis facing the community began, The Salvation Army has served over 2,102 individuals, including 140 housebound and transportation limited households, distributed 7,450 water bottles, and served 457 meals and 420 snacks at three water distribution sites located throughout the city.


“We are truly grateful to the 27 volunteers who have logged in a total of 390 hours of service to our community,” expressed Captain Kevin. “Without their uncommon acts of compassion, many of the most vulnerable in our community - children, elderly, housebound, sick – would have faced an unthinkable calamity. We are grateful to them and our donors who give us the privilege of being their

hands to the community.”




Captain Mike Morales reports that along with local disasters throughout the year the Warren Canteen has been in several parades.


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