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The Salvation Army Appoints Officers to Serve in Kuwait

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Released 15 August 2008

August 15, 2008 – The Salvation Army’s International Headquarters has announced that officers have now been appointed to the state of Kuwait. This decision was reached following intensive research and visits to the country by the General’s Representative for Global Evangelization, Colonel Dick Krommenhoek, and International Secretary for South Asia, Commissioner Lalkiamlova, in 2007.

Majors Michael and Teresa Hawley, officers of The Salvation Army USA Southern Territory, have been selected by General Clifton Shaw to lead The Salvation Army in this next bold step of faith.

Within Kuwait, the authorities officially recognize three principal churches – Protestant, Roman Catholic and Coptic – and provide three separate compounds for these churches to worship, teach and preach. The Salvation Army will be located in the Protestant compound, which is officially known as the National Evangelical Church of Kuwait. Within this compound, The Salvation Army has been allocated space for meetings, administration and residence for its officers, all hosted by the National Evangelical Church of Kuwait.

It is anticipated that there could be up to 350 Salvationists from India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, the Philippines and Sri Lanka among the large immigrant population currently present. The leaders of the Protestant compound believe The Salvation Army can add an important dimension to the development of the church in Kuwait.

All Salvationists are encouraged to pray for this new venture within the “10/40 Window” and for Majors Michael and Teresa Hawley, as well as for other officers who may join them in the future.

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