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For over 120 years, The Montclair Citadel Corps has been a beacon of hope and a model of ministry in the Name of Jesus in suburban Essex County, New Jersey. Whether it is housing a needy family at our Cornerstone House Shelter, feeding the homeless at our hot meal program, providing emergency assistance, teaching music to children, or serving as a place of worship for those seeking spiritual nurture Montclair Citadel provides something for everyone.

Equipped with a wonderful 29,000 square foot facility that opened in March 2009, The Salvation Army marches on. You are welcome to learn more about Montclair Citadel, through our "Fast Facts," which will give you the statistics for our service. Behind every number is a person touched by Salvation Army ministry. 




To all our friends in Montclair

Instead of sending individual cards, we have made a contribution to The Salvation Army as an expression of our caring and concern for humankind and our hope for the future.  In the spirit of good will, we extend our sincere wishes for a joyous holiday season.

Susie Price

Richard Stanton

The Higgins-Paskas Family

The Women's Club of Upper Montclair

Mavis King

Wendy McNeil

Clare & Mike Winchester

Teachers Club of Montclair

Richard & Leticia Beresford

Janet Orr

Mauk Hudig

Carl & Carolyn Lane

Bill & Marie Mead

Judy & Josh Weston

Marcy Sulivan

Leroy Smith

Marianne & Roy Smith

The Haberbusch

Elaine & Spencer Krigsman

Aubin Ames

Daniel & Jane Fiore

Bill & Mary Ann Mattey

Amy Hohn Stover

Christine & Bob Russo

Dave & Betty Ann Connolly

Thomas Giblin

Alan & Joanne Goldman/Marren

Mariann & Tom Higgins

MaryLee & Dave Jones

Tracy McVeigh & Andrew Melitz

The Giuffra Family

Firth & Carl Fabend

Stephen & Margaret Ruccio

John & Coni Peterson

Fred & Barbara Ferguson

Clare & Jack May

Sara Singleton in memory of Anne Thaler 

The Salvation Army would like to dedicate this page to the memory of Carmen Berra -  a faithful member of the Montclair Salvation Army Advisory Board for many years and a member of this community who did, in deed, spread cheer wherever she was!


 Matching Grant Available!



Partners for Health Foundation is making a matching grant up to $4,800 available to The Salvation Army Montclair Citadel.  Your donation of $50 or more -- made between now and December 31, 2014 -- will be matched $1 to $1 by Partners for Health as part of its campaign to Fight Hunger the Healthy Way.  Checks of $50 or more can be made payable to and mailed directly to Partners for Health, 1 Bay Avenue, Montclair, NJ 07042 with the designation that they are for The Salvation Army.  Any donations made payable to Partners for Health and received by the Salvation Army, 13 Trinity Place, Montclair, NJ 07042 by  December 31 are also eligible for these matching funds.   The Foundation will in turn cut a check payable to The Salvation Army for two times the amount raised.

Please help us maximize this opportunity.  Your support is greatly appreciated!

For further information, please feel free to contact Michele Kroeze at


Montclair Citadel needs you! 

Volunteers are crucial for us to keep our services going.  Our volunteers save us hundreds of dollars a year by donating hundreds of hours of time.

We have a wide range of opportunities for you.  Click here to see what you can do to help and to give us vital information about you, so that we can best fit you to the opportunities available.

Click here to view New Jersey Division Volunteer Application.


Thanks for helping The Salvation Army!

The Salvation Army is always there and always serving. We help people get on with the business of life.

We need your support. If you would like to help us help others get on with the business of life, by having proper shelter, healthy meals and the tools to be part of society.

Click here to donate.


PODCAST now available: 

Worship and the Word are vital to the Montclair Citadel Community. If you wish, you can listen to our Sunday sermons. Just click here for the last several months of sermons. We hope you are blessed and strengthened in your soul by sharing in our worship through this medium.

We would also be glad to hear your feedback on our sermons. We would love to have you suggest sermon topics. Contact us with those suggestions.

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