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Disasters happen without warning. Training keeps us prepared.

The Salvation Army of Canton has provided over 105,000 meals to individuals and families in need in the past year.

Serving people in need. The Salvation Army provides services without discrimination.

The Salvation Army of Canton has provided over 1,000 motel stays for the homeless in Stark County who would have otherwise been on the streets.

Hunger is a hidden pain. Will you help us relieve it?

The Salvation Army of Canton is committed to offering hope for tomorrow through educational and like-skills programming,but most importantly through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Looking for a place to worship? You’re invited to join our weekly worship services.

The Salvation Army of Canton is committed to equipping both adults and children with the tool of reading.

Those looking for a safer place find it here.

The Salvation Army of Canton’s Senior Citizen’s Program provides a fun and caring environment for individuals over 55 who are seeking social opportunities.

Looking for a bargain? Come treasure-hunting here.

The Salvation Army of Canton provides opportunities for you to get involved and make a difference in the lives of your neighbors in need.


The Salvation Army in Canton Ohio

The Salvation Army in Canton is dedicated to providing help for today by meeting the most basic of human needs,  and hope for tomorrow, through
educational and life-skills programs for individuals of all ages. We are serving men, women, and children who are at-risk and in need of financial, social
service, and spiritual support. We work everyday to elevate individuals up from despair to provide hope and assistance. In teaching life skills, we provide
individuals with an opportunity to maximize their physical, emotional, and spiritual being to effect life change.



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Address:  420 Market Ave. S.  Canton, OH  44702  (click to view map)
Ph. (330) 453-0159  |  fax: (330) 453-8774



Officers: Majors Leonard & Karen Boynton |



Be A Shield against...
hunger, homelessness,
hopelessness, illiteracy,
isolation, indifference,
addiction, abuse, anxiety...

Hours of Operation:

Office & Social Service: Monday-Friday: 8:30am-4:00pm 

Join Us for Worship
Sunday School: 9:30am  |  Sunday Morning Worship:  11:00am

The Salvation Army is an evangelical part of the universal Christian church that provides opportunity for spiritual growth and development. Our services are designed for the entire family and there is always a friendly welcome.

Bible studies are offered with a concentration on real-life issues that confront so many of us today. The Salvation Army offers opportunities to provide worship and Christian service. All are welcome.

Programs & Services

Meeting basic needs of all who come seeking help

With 'heart to God and hand to man', The Salvation Army strives to meet the basic needs of all who come seeking help. Taking immediate care of the basic human needs of food, shelter, clothing and safety is an important first step in the development of a more positive and permanent life change in the people we help.

It is essential to note that at no time the participation in spiritual activities be required as a condition for receiving needed services. All service given in the name of Jesus for meeting human needs and caring for hurting persons is in and of itself valued and is a spiritual ministry.

For more information about the following programs and services, please call  (330) 453-0159.

Current List of Programs and Services

Youth Bible Study
Adult Bible Study
Youth Adult Ministry
Learning Experience
Day Camp
Youth Chorus
Senior Songster
Other Music Instruction
Gospel Performing Arts
Community Care Ministry

Womens Groups
Mens Groups
Older Adult Groups
Feeding Program
Food Pantry
Energy Assistance
Christmas Assistance
Rent Assistance




Advisory Board
You Can Help Make a Difference

Be A ShieldBe A ShieldBe A Shield

Be A Shield

The Advisory Board stands in service
to the mission of The Salvation Army and is an essential component to its success.  The purpose of the Advisory Board is to be a liaison between The Salvation Army and the community at large. 

The board represents The Salvation Army to the community through advocacy, access, and fundraising.  The Board also ratifies all major initiatives and monitors operations in light of community realities, property matters, budgets, and related items.

The Board stays informed through its regular meetings, and through its committees and Advisory Councils. Executive and AdHoc committees meet intermittently to take up specific issues, and make recommendations.

The development committee of the Board is directly responsible for fundraising alongside our Development staff.  Our Board members help identify new prospective funders, they cultivate relationships, serve as natural partners, make introductions for Development staff to meet with new prospective donors, and they solicit gifts for our annual campaign, benefit events and any special initiatives and/or seasonal programs.  They help leverage significant dollars each year.


Interested in learning more about the Advisory Board or becoming a member?  Please call (330) 453-0159 or email

Canton Advisory Board Roster

Barbara Belden
Ed Benninghoff
Richard Bossler
Jeff Day
Dean Devine
Brian Ferguson
Daniel Fuline
Pamela Gault
Paul Guerra

Jacques Jones
James Kamerer
Ed Malecki
Gerald Lindeman
Dave Maltese
Sonia Meck
Larry Morgan
Major Robert Myers
Mr. Joseph Niamtu
Michael Paris

Jane Schirack
Theodore Scheffler
Jeremy Shugarts
Mark Sterling
Joy Timken
Charles Tyburski
Alana Whittier
John Wirtz

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