Salvation Army of Southern California

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DOING THE MOST GOOD TO MAXIMIZE YOUR DONATIONS.  Find out if your company is one of the thousands that match employee contributions. Corporate matching gifts enable your donation to be instantly doubled or even tripled. A matching gift can be any negotiable gift such as cash, stocks or bonds that are matched by your company or employer. Many ompanies also match volunteer hours or gifts from spouses, retirees, and board members!

The Salvation Army will benefit from your gift and your employer's gift, and you'll get the benefit of a tax deduction for the value of your donation.Your generous donation helps provide emergency relief, food, health care, education, homeless services and rehabilitation services, to those living on the fringes of society.

Please check with your HR department to fill out the appropriate paperwork and ensure your
gift is matched. If your company does not currently match employee donations, ask it to do so.
Together, you and your employer can send a message of hope to your neighbors and people around the