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Donate to The Salvation Army of Central Ohio / Planned Giving/Wills & Estate Planning

Planned Giving/Wills & Estate Planning


There are multiple ways to donate money to the Salvation Army that will not only benefit us and what we do but can also benefit you and your family. Examples of how it can benefit you include secured income tax deductions, retained income for life, reduced capital gains or inheritance taxes, and increased benefit of your estate to your loved ones after passing away.


Unfortunately we cannot accept wills and trusts made out to the Salvation Army of Central Ohio as legally, there is no such organization. As we operate through the New York Corporation, they have predetermined how we can accept your donations through wills and trusts. Please contact our Planned Giving director Melanie Parscal for the proper format so we can make sure your gift stays local. You can call her at 1-855-543-3729 or email her at We are willing to provide information and work with your professional financial advisor or attorney to complete your gift.

If you are interested in developing you own plan, or are a professional advisor looking for additional resources, Please Click Here.

If you have already included The Salvation Army in your financial or estate plan, we thank you for your kindness and generosity.