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Donate to The Salvation Army of Central Ohio / Planned Giving/Wills & Estate Planning

Planned Giving/Wills & Estate Planning


When making a substantial gift to The Salvation Army, there are a number
of creative giving options available, which, though at first may seem complicated,
can easily be worked out to the benefit of not only The Army and those we serve, but to you and
your loved ones as well.
Often, by making a planned gift, you can reduce capital gains or inheritance taxes, retain income
for life, secure an income tax deduction, and/or actually increase the benefit of your estate to your
Loved ones after passing away.


It is not enough to make a bequest that simply reads "To The Salvation Army of Central Ohio..." as there
is no such organization legally recognized by this name. The Salvation Army operates in Ohio as
a New York Corporation, and this corporation has predetermined how to allocate bequests throughout
the eastern United States that have not been planned in accord with specific criteria. Please contact
our Planned Giving office for proper bequest language consistent with your legacy goals so that we
can ensure your generosity stays local.

When you choose to make a planned gift to The Salvation Army, you should consult your professional
financial advisor or attorney. We will be happy to provide information and work with your advisor to
complete your gift. Thank you for your interest in supporting the work of The Salvation Army.

Contact Information:
Matt Pearce, Divisional Development Director at and Grace Marie Eckman, Secretary for the Divisional Planned Giving Director at or call 513-762-5600.
If you are interested in developing you own plan, or are a professional advisor looking for additional resources, Please Click Here.

If you have already included The Salvation Army in your financial or estate plan, we thank you for
your kindness and generosity.