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Anti-Human Trafficking

Anti-Human Trafficking

Since 2007, The Salvation Army has taken a lead
role in addressing and combatting the growing problem of human trafficking in the following ways:

  • The Salvation Army in Central Ohio is proud to be the Coalition Manager for the Central Ohio Rescue and Restore Coalition, a network of over 100 organizations working together to raise awareness and strengthen our community's response to human trafficking.  Visit the Coalition website at or click here for the Coalition's calendar of events and volunteer training schedules. 
  • The Salvation Army's Anti-Human Trafficking Program plays a key role in our community's response to victims
    of trafficking, offering the following services:
  • * 24-hour human trafficking hotline 614.285.HELP(4357)
    *24-hour in-person emergency response to assist victims
    *Long-term comprehensive care to help victims become survivors
  • *Street Outreach to engage victims
    *The Well, a drop-in center for women trafficked in the sex industry
    *Safe, short-term housing to help victims escape their traffickers
    *Trauma and addiction groups to help victims heal

For more Information:

Or if you suspect someone is a trafficking victim, call the hot-line number above or contact Trish Smouse by emailing or calling 614.358.2614.

To Volunteer:

To see how you can help click here.  To see our list of volunteer opportunities and to sign-up for various activities, please visit

Visit our national Anti-Human Trafficking website.