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The Salvation Army Greater New York Division has many locations over the 14 counties we serve:

  • Operations are run from Divisional Headquarters at 120 West 14th Street in Manhattan. The Divisional Commander, Lt. Colonel Guy D. Klemanski, and his staff of officers and non-Army pofessionals see to the health of the division through financial management, fundraising, communications and more.
  • There are 39 corps community centers: places for worship, community life, program and assistance. Each center is run by one or more Salvation Army officers — also called pastors or corps officers — assisted by other Salvation Army staff and volunteers. The programs at each center are unique to each location. They reflect the needs and richness of the communities they serve.
  • Two residences — The Markle and The Williams — provide housing for women and seniors, respectively, in New York City.
  • Social Services Headquarters is also at 120 West 14th Street in Manhattan. From here, social-service programs all over the division are supervised.
  • Salvation ArmyThrift Stores support the 5 Adult Rehabilitation Centers in the Greater New York Division.