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Kids standing on a stage posing for a photo. These kids are new to the music program.

New enrichment program underway at East Harlem elementary school


In November, a longtime vision became a reality when 61
students from PS 206 in Harlem had their first lessons as members
of The Salvation Army’s Phil Ramone Orchestra for Children.

Spearheaded by Grammy Award-winning producer Phil Ramone,
the Orchestra will teach students how to play instruments through
section and full orchestra lessons which will take place every weekday
after school and every other Saturday

This is a rare opportunity for these students
considering that most live in the housing
projects across the street from the school and
many of their families wouldn’t be able to pay
for music classes.

The program will foster not only an appreciation
for music but also important life skills
such as the ability to work as a team, patience,
and discipline.

The Salvation Army will be working with
New York University to measure the Orchestra’s
impact on students’ lives.