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What We Do

While each disaster creates its own unique circumstances and needs, The Salvation Army offers several basic services to those affected. These services form the core of the Salvation Army's disaster services, but are not the limit. Salvation Army services are flexible and may be adapted to meet the specific needs of an individual community or a disaster event.

FOOD SERVICE  The Salvation Army provides hot meals, snacks and drinks to those affected by disaster. This service can be performed at congregate feeding sites such as Salvation Army corps community centers, camps, shelters, or from one of the Salvation Army's fleet of mobile kitchens.

DONATIONS MANAGEMENT  During a disaster, The Salvation Army may open warehouses to revieve and sort in-kind donations. Salvation Army facilities may also be used as points of distribution for supplies whick assist the publc int their recovery from a disaster.

EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE  During the initial stages of a disaster, The Salvation Army may provide direct financial assistance to those affected by the disaster so that they may be able to procure essential needs i.e. food, clothing, shelter, medical, etc.

EMOTIONAL AND SPIRITUAL CARE  The Salvation Army has specially trained personnel to provide emotional and spiritual care to those affected by a disaster.

DISASTER SHELTER  The Salvation Army may open temporary shelters to provide emergency housing located in a number of places including Salvation Army facilities.

EMERGENCY COMMUNICATIONS  The Salvation Army supports communications during a disaster through its Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network (SATERN). The lack of more traditional means of communication during a disaster makes this a vital service.

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DISASTER SOCIAL SERVICES  The Salvation Army provides case management to assist those affected by a disaster in meeting long-term recovery needs.