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Annual Report 2012


Major KellyDear Friends,

Naomi and I count it a privilege to lead the work of The Salvation Army in Massachusetts. From my perspective, our mission in this role is to provide resources and support to the officers, staff and volunteers serving on the front lines. Traveling throughout the division,we have been privileged to witness transformed lives brought about through your support and the work of those front line soldiers in the fight against poverty.

I hope that you will be encouraged to read what we have witnessed: families recovering from storms in their lives and young people being placed on the right track. Take a moment to understand how you have brought about transformation through your contributions. On these pages, you'll find some of the moments that are most memorable to us in the last year.

With gratitude,
Major David E. Kelly


Desolate to Dynamic

Wayne Ashley has lived in the neighborhood for 30 years. Daily, he would pass an empty stretch of land along Dorchester's Dudley Street and wonder if anything good could come of it. Cracked asphalt and broken glass strewn across six acres were a symbol of how bleak and unsafe the urban meadow had become. When his wife passed away...READ WAYNE'S STORY


Homeless to Helping

Our Place provides both peace of mind and the kind of practical help that homeless parents need to get themselves and their families off the street. In Bethelmy's case, knowing Angel was safe freed her up to take classes in early childhood education and pursue...READ BETHELMY AND ANGEL'S STORY.


Volunteer to Victory

"My grandmother rang bells for The Salvation Army in Dudley Station," VanNessa Jemmott explains, "And I would have to sit there while she rung bells." Jemmott rolls her eyes and laughs at the childhood memory growing up in the Roxbury neighborhood of Boston. Decades later, Jemmott found herself at a crossroads...READ VANNESSA'S STORY.


Hunger to Hope

Like Ilana and her brother, Arundhati, many of the children qualify for free or reduced lunch programs during the school year. In the summer, when school is out, they are still in need of nutritious meals. The Emergency Disaster Service (EDS) canteens which typically serve coffee and food to first responders and victims at fires and natural disasters now fill a gap that...READ ILANA'S STORY.


Support to Strength

"I'm going to work myself out of a volunteer job,” Jack Danahey told the Divisional Commander of The Salvation Army. The faithful volunteer of the Westfield Service Extension office was helping up to five clients a day in his office as the Vice President for Operations at a local hospital. Even today, service units are almost entirely volunteer-led...READ JACKS'S STORY.

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