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ServicesDonors are recognized with membership to this giving society for cumulative annual giving of $1,000 and above. Because of donors like you, The Salvation Army is able to develop a dependable source of funding for new or expanded programs and services at our Corps Community Centers and Service Units.

Captain - $5,000 to $9,999

Anonymous (7)
Accu-Trak Tool Corporation
Mr. George Alexakos
Mr. Michael Binette
Mr. Frank Boggan
Mr. and Mrs. Everett Boy, Jr.
The Brell Fund
Ms. Angela Bright
Mr. Jeffrey Brown
Bunchberry Foundation
Paul and Virginia Cabot Charitable Foundation
Mr. Paul Caggiano
*Cambridge Trust Company
Ms. Iris H. Cannata
Cape Cod Foundation
Charles Lamont Post Charitable Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Ciongoli
Community Foundation of Western MA.
Copeland Family Foundation
Mr. Don Crowley, Jr.
Mr. Robert Davis
Mr. Frank DeGiacomo
Ms. Esther Degrunigen
DeMatteo Management, Inc.
Ms. Elizabeth R. Doria
Mr. and Mrs. Pierre E. DuPont
Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Easterly, III
Dr. Allan C. Emery, Jr.
Mr. John M Evans
Fidelity Brokarage Services, LLC
^Fidelity Charitable Gift
First Congregational Church
Flynn & Reynolds Agency, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Foster
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory B. Fraser
Ms. Mary Frothingham
Bank of America
Garden Neighborhood Charities
Dr. Carol Garner
Governors America Corps.
GZA Geo Environmental, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Harrington
Mr. Daniel Hastings
Ms. Jutta Hicks
Mr. Brad Holas
Ms. Camille E. Humphries
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Isaac
Dr. Robert L. Jones


Mr. Ross Kelly
Mr. and Mrs. David Kocot
Dr. and Dr. David Kuter
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Lacaillade
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Laubinger
Mr. Alan Lockery
Mr. Douglas Luaffenburger and Ms. Linda Griffith
The Henry Luce Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Maguire
Mr. George T. Marchant
Mr. Richard K. Mattson, Jr.
Ms. Jean McCanna
Mr. and Mrs. William McClurg
Mr. and Mrs. Donald McDonald
Mr. David McLaughlin
Mr. and Mrs. Chester R. Messer, II
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Meunier
Millipore Corporation
Mr. Robert K. Morrison
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh M. Morton
NAID Foundation
New England Patriots Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Newman
Ms. Valerie A. O'Connell
Ms. Joanne O'Neal
Orchard Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Phillips
The Pine Hills
Mr. James C. Pinney
^Reebok International Limited
Rockland Trust
Mr. Robert Rudin
Ms. Ann Sargent
Shurtleff Children's Services, Inc
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Smith
Dr. Robert N. Speth
State Street Matching Gift Program
Mr. Lawrence Stein
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Stoyle
Ms. Thelma R. Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Tierney
Triton Regional High School
Mr. George L. Unhoch, Jr.
United Way of New York City
Mr. and Mrs. Martin L.B. Walter
Mr. and Mrs. Norval Leon Wardle
Mr. Darren Wetzel
Williams Miller Foundation
Mr. Timothy Williams
+Albert O. Wilson Foundation, Inc

Special Designated Gifts: * Capital Gift +Planned Gift ^Good Neighbor Energy Fund