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What People Are Saying

"The Salvation Army embodies compassion and Christian love in feeding the hungry, caring for the homeless, and attending to the afflicted and the downtrodden."

- President Ronald Reagan


"When I was a kid, my grandmother and my dad had me in the Salvation Army after-school program and the Salvation Army summer camp. Now, I try to help."

- Chris Rock - Actor/Comedian


"The Salvation Army is by far the most effective organization in the United States. No one comes close to it in respect to clarity of mission, ability to innovate, measurable results, dedication, and putting money to maximum use."

- Peter Drucker - Author and Management Expert


"In times of desperate need, you can always count on the Salvation Army being there."

- Dame Angela Lansbury star of Stage, Screen and Television


"To me, The Salvation Army is the Golden Rule in action:  they feed the hungry, and give clothing and comfort where the need is great. They do it without fuss and without asking for credit, providing a dignified leg up to those of us who need it today. I support the Army because my heart feels better when I do."

- Stephen Collins, Star of 7th Heaven


"There is no organization that has done more to remind us of our shared humanity, than the Salvation Army. Thanks to their dedicated hard work and effort, we can all feel confident that we have not left our brothers behind."

- Ernie Hudson, Star of Ghostbusters and Desperate Housewives


"It fills me with great pride to have been given the opportunity to work with such an iconic and beautiful organization as The Salvation Army."

- Randolph Duke, Hollywood's Designer of Choice


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