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Hot Dogs and Hamburgers - A+

Released 18 June 2014

Bristol Picnic

Hot Dogs and Hamburgers - A+
at Annual Bristol Advisory Board (Indoor) Picnic

Everything was perfect... except for the weather!

BRISTOL - Board members were gathered around the room, discussing who was in charge of the weather and then decided to blame it on the local weatherman... they just couldn’t decide which TV station. Perfect weather has been the "norm" for a number of years for the annual Advisory Board Picnic at Federal Hill Green, and everyone looks forward to it. Hot dogs, hamburgers, and strawberry shortcake are all part of the festivities. Tom Morrow, Board Member for 35 years and Chairperson for many too, said, "I forget how long I’ve been coming to this picnic, but it has been quite a few years! We all look forward to getting together and letting our hair down a little, so to speak. We get to talk about family, friends, and things that are happening around town."

Captain Charles Adams usually serves as the head chef and is an expert with a burger! He commented, "This gives us an opportunity to say thank you to our board members, who dedicate their time and talents to help us throughout the year. We could not do our job without them!"

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