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New London Acknowledges Area Generosity

Released 28 March 2014

Recognition(Captains Borrero recognizing their Office Manager, Bessie Childs.)

New London Acknowledges Area Generosity

Paints the City Green!

NEW LONDON - The Salvation Army relies on the help of others to help those in need. On March 26, Captains Jose and Melissa Borrero acknowledged such support by holding The Salvation Army of New London's First Annual Appreciation Dinner and Awards Ceremony! In keeping with the Spirit of "the holidays," the Corps served a traditional Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner, along with all of the trimmings. This included a special dessert of strawberry shortcake with whipped cream!

Recognition(Tom and Joanie recognized for all of their hard work as volunteers.)

After dinner was served, Captain Jose gave an eloquent speech about how everyone came together to help give Christmas to so many people who would have otherwise had a much more difficult time getting through the holidays. He referenced, "For I was hungry, and you gave me food..." from Matthew 25:31-36, and explained to those in attendance that this was exactly what they did, in whatever part they played during last year. Whether it was ringing the bells at a kettle, or guiding a child through Target while he/she went shopping, everybody did something "...for the least of these."


After Captain's remarks, Captain Melissa and Office Manager Bessie Childs began handing out "Appreciation Awards" to the many deserving recipients in attendance. There were special mentions for those who adopted families, as well as supplied a space for an Angel Tree. Award recipients included recognizing the top three bell ringers for their 2013 Red Kettle Campaign, other notable volunteers, a representative from the Target in Waterford, Medtronic, and many more.

The final award went to Salvation Army New London’s very own Office Manager, Bessie Childs, for an extra special reason. For the last 3 years, Bessie has been the face for "The Salvation Army" to all of New London and the rest of Southern New London County. She has been the one to do the majority of the ministry to those seeking help, whether it was with food, clothing, or just knowing somebody needed some warm fellowship. Bessie has also been heavily involved with the Thanksgiving/Christmas seasons, taking on even more responsibilities during these times than she already does throughout the year. This past season, one of those "extra" duties included also being Kettle Coordinator, for which she did an exemplary job!

Unfortunately, Bessie will be leaving this location shortly, as her husband is in the Navy. Therefore, her family will soon be transferred to a location that is not yet known. While Salvation Army New London and the community it serves will feel this loss, everyone could not be more thankful for everything Bessie has done in her time here with us. We know God is in control of Bessie and her family!

Locally and across our Southern New England Division of Connecticut and Rhode Island, we would also like to extend a major thank you to everyone who helped us this past holiday season! Whether it was by dropping change in a kettle, donating a toy that made a child’s day, or however else you might have helped… we sincerely say THANK YOU! The needs that we can meet year-round happen because of people like you!

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