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The Ripple of Giving at Water's Edge

Released 16 September 2013

Water's Edge

The Ripple of Giving at Water's Edge

MIDDLETOWN - A special thanks goes out to the Resident Council of the Water's Edge Center for Health and Rehabilitation in Middletown, Connecticut. James McDew (President), James Robinson (Vice President), and Nathaniel Simmons (Treasurer) are all elected members of the Resident Council and are the voice of all of the residents there. The Resident Council is a group of individuals that meet together to discuss issues and take any concerns to the Director.

Water's Edge(Taken during this year's Summer Program.)

At one of their council meetings, a donation was collected, and they wanted it presented to a charitable organization. A vote was conducted and it was agreed upon that The Salvation Army in Middletown receive this donation for a multitude of reasons. One of those being that the residents loved the visit and performances that they received from the children in this Salvation Army’s Summer Program. The President of the Resident Council had also done some volunteer work at The Salvation Army, and he was familiar with the needs of this organization, as well as what it does to help those in need.

Water's Edge

And so, as a result of The Salvation Army giving to the community, the community in turn gave to it. Thank you once again to the Water's Edge Center and to Darlene Behr, Activities Director there.





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