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Simsbury High Graduate William Rosario

Released 13 June 2014

Simsbury Scholarship(Major Philip Ferreira presenting William "Anthony" Rosario with a Salvation Army scholarship.)

Simsbury High Graduate William Rosario
Earns Salvation Army Scholarship

SIMSBURY – Awards Night at Simsbury High School took place on Wednesday, June 11. There, Salvation Army Major Philip Ferreira presented a scholarship to William Rosario, "Anthony" as he likes to be called, in front of a full audience of educators, parents, students, and friends. Anthony had submitted an application for the award, calling his essay – "Hope." In his essay, he wrote about growing up in Bridgeport and "being surrounded by a lot of negativity. There was a culture of failure and poverty, sinking everyone into a depression that they cannot pull themselves out of. It wasn’t just his family and friends, but everywhere in Bridgeport."

He also reflected on four amazing years of receiving a great education at Simsbury High School. "Back when I was just a kid, there was something that inspired me to leave and make something of myself. It was hope." Hope drove him to succeed academically, hope helped him pursue great opportunities, and hope ultimately allowed him to make good decisions. Hope still tells him that when he becomes successful, he will go back and sprinkle some hope on Bridgeport.

This scholarship will help Anthony pursue a better education, without roadblocks. He hopes to become a teacher and establish a new culture, a culture that encourages faith and hope, and this has been made easier with the help of The Salvation Army. Anthony plans on attending the University of Connecticut, beginning in the fall.

Major Ferreira commented, "Given the type of service to the community Anthony has been involved in and his desire to give back to the community of Bridgeport, it is most appropriate that he be recognized by The Salvation Army with this scholarship."

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