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The Salvation Army and U.S. Veterans Team-Up for Annual Stand Down

Released 23 September 2013

Stand Down(Connecticut’s Senior Senator Richard Blumenthal joins Captains Caroline Ramos and Ruth Thomas at The Salvation Army "Stand Down" booth.)

The Salvation Army and U.S. Veterans
Team-Up for Annual Stand Down

ROCKY HILL - The ministry of The Salvation Army to veterans has grown from serving coffee and doughnuts in World War I to today’s programs that provide comfort and cheer, like the recent "Stand Down" at the Connecticut Veterans Home in Rocky Hill. Veterans came from all across the state. They represented every conflict, from World War II through Iraq and Afghanistan. The men and women in attendance came seeking help from the agencies and providers that participated in this special, statewide event.

Stand Down(Major Eunice Champlin talks to veterans in the courtyard.)

This "Stand Down" provided an opportunity for the veterans to obtain services they need, all under one roof, or in this case, at one location. Agencies present ranged the State of Connecticut Department of Labor to the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles; the Social Security Administration to the Internal Revenue Service; a United States Senator to many social services organizations; making for many groups and individuals that were there with help just for the asking.

Officers from The Salvation Army were stationed inside the auditorium. They welcomed the veterans and thanked them for their dedicated service. They distributed socks, pens, teddy bears, toiletry items, informational materials, candy and some employment opportunities too (you can never have enough kettle workers). The Salvation Army also provided comfort and prayers as needed.

Stand Down(Captain Janet González and Major Eunice Champlin set up before the veterans arrive.)

Salvation Army Captain Janet González, Divisional Secretary of Veteran’s Affairs in Southern New England, remarked, "Validation can be given in so many ways. How blessed we were to participate in this year’s 'Stand Down' for veterans of Connecticut, to validate them for whom they are, for their service to our country! I was personally blessed whenever I got a smile back. I was deeply touched by one of the veterans who was at one corner 'waiting for his friends,' whom he hadn’t seen in the last couple of years. His face was looking at the horizon, lost in his thoughts. His sight was burdened with sadness and delicate tears. I made eye contact and listened to his story, while reminding him of the blessing of just being alive. His gentle smile in response and shake of hands at the end of our conversation was a special moment for me. We were both encouraged and validated that day!"




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