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The Glue That Helped Hold The Corps Together

Released 29 June 2014

Bessie Childs(Captains Borrero recognizing Bessie Childs at their Appreciation Dinner.)

The Glue That Helped Hold The Corps Together

New London Says Goodbye to Bessie Childs

NEW LONDON - Bessie Childs, Office Manager for New London Salvation Army, finished her last day on June 27, as her military family now prepares to move to the West Coast in July. Everyone who knows her is forever grateful for the mark that she has left on The New London Corps. Her entire family will also be missed, including her husband Nathaniel, a U.S. Navy Sailor and cousin of Captain David Childs, and two sons, Nathan and Andrew.

Bessie Childs

We thank Bessie for her services as an Office Manager and a Soldier and express a great amount of gratitude to Nathaniel for his services as both a Soldier to the Corps and for his service to our country. New London is forever changed by this family. To give you an idea of what it was like to be the Office Manager, what follows are Bessie’s reflections on some of the days of the week during her last week.

Bessie Childs

"Tuesdays are our calm days! A Tuesday was my first day of work, since the Monday was Presidents Day. I grew to love this day at work; I spent it playing catch up on paperwork, filing, organizing, and computer work. I also loved Tuesdays because I got to see my "babies;" it's program day, so all of the kids and youth come in after school. It's also the calm before Wednesday’s storm."

Bessie Childs

"Wednesdays are complete craziness! I've even named it "Crazy Wednesday." We arrive to a line at the door; that same line grows by 10:00, but by 11:30, they've all been helped. Why the turnout you may ask? Well, it's BJs Wholesale and produce day. We also get our food bank delivery today (2,000lbs+,-) and it all must be brought inside and put away. However, it's a day I wouldn't trade for anything. It's busy, sometimes chaotic, but knowing that by noon you've been able to supply 50 to 100+ people with bread, pastries, sweets, and produce, it’s a feeling you just can't forget!"

"Thursdays can be calm or they can be filled with long appointments. If funds are available, this is the day we do the most with rent, electric, and vouchers. In winter, we do Project Warm-Up, a heating assistance program of United Way of Southeastern Connecticut, which helps with fuel for heat. I also enjoy Thursday because it's Home League day, and I get to see the ladies. To me, Thursdays are the most rewarding day of the week; sure, we feed people the other days, but to know you helped someone stay warm, keep their electric on, and have a roof still over their head – well, nothing can compare!"

“Fridays are the end of the work week. We serve food pantry on this day, but only for half of the day, then we close the office for the building’s final clean for Sunday. There have been weeks where I couldn't wait for Friday's to come and then weeks, like this one, where it seemed to sneak up on me. Fridays are also the best day to reflect upon what we did well and what we can improve upon. My reflection for today is how it has been a wild three years and four months. During this time, I've grown a lot as a person, an employee, and I have a better understanding of the poverty in our country. If everyone opened their eyes and hearts, God can use them to help the people in their immediate area. Even if you can't spare money or your time to volunteer, prayer is still the most powerful weapon you possess!"

Bessie Childs

Bessie and her husband Nathaniel will be spending the rest of June packing and saying goodbye to all of their friends and family here on the East Coast. They will then be heading west to San Diego, California, where Nathaniel will take up duty at a U.S. Navy port there. Beyond our thankfulness in abundance, the New London Salvation Army wants the Childs family to know that prayers are also definitely going with them.


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