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Salvation Army volunteers helping those in need in the Greater Syracuse Area.

Andrew Sabbaghzadeh

Andrew Sabbaghzadeh

Volunteer Coordinator

Phone: 479-3668 Email Andrew

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with The Salvation Army! Each year, thousands of local residents step forward to make a difference in this community by serving those in need. With a wide variety of programs and special events, The Salvation Army is sure to have a volunteer oopportunity that fits your interests and experience. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have. You may also fill out the volunteer interest form (click below) and it will be sent to us via email. If you decide to volunteer, you will also need print out a volunteer application, complete and return it to us.

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» Volunteer Opportunities for Holiday Season »Volunteer Application


6 Reasons to Volunteer with The Salvation Army

  • To make a difference. Volunteering for The Salvation Army offers you the opportunity to help fellow Onondaga County residents who are facing challenges in their lives.
  • To gain experience. Are you considering a career as in health care or social work? Volunteering with the Salvation Army gives you valuable life experience for any future career.
  • To grow as a person. Working with those who are less fortunate is often a transformative experience. Volunteering at The Salvation Army can help you develop greater compassion for others as well as a deeper appreciation of what you have.
  • To Meet Other People. Volunteering offers you the opportunity to work with others to accomplish concrete goals, develop friendships and do some networking that may lead to employment options.
  • To improve your resume. Volunteer experience is often a requirement in the college application process, and professionals seeking employment may catch the eye of an employer with the time you have given to serve others.
  • To feel good. Studies have shown that volunteering improves self-esteem, reduces blood pressure, enhances the immune system and decreases stress. So it's a natural win-win situation - help yourself by helping others!