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Salvation Army Youth Services - TAPC

667 South Salina Street
Syracuse, NY  13202
Phone: 315.479.1330

The Transitional Apartments and Parenting Center (TAPC)

The TAPC is a 24 unit apartment complex providing long-term transitional housing, case management and parenting classes for homeless, pregnant and parenting adolescent girls, ages 16-21 (and their children). The TAPC provides transitional housing and support services to more than 50 young women and their children annually, preventing the additional challenges and costs associated with homelessness, infant mortality, low birth weight and child abuse.

The TAPC offers a supportive and caring homelike environment where youth and their children have access to 24-hour supervision, building security, crisis intervention, transportation, socialization and recreational activities. Youth development principles are integrated into each of the program components at the TAPC, encouraging voluntary participation and helping to establish strength-based assets in the lives of the teenage mothers receiving services.

The Salvation Army also provides licensed day care services at the TAPC, offering supportive care for children while TAPC residents focus on attendance at school or at a job. Day care services provide TAPC residents with practical guidance and focused advice toward child rearing and health/nutrition information. Day care teachers maintain formal records regarding the health and developmental progress of each child at the TAPC, helping young mothers identify areas of concern and providing an additional safety feature for the infants and children.

The combination of crisis intervention, case planning, instructional classes and group activities create a comprehensive approach to providing homeless adolescents and their children a well designed and supportive environment for learning the skills and behaviors that will break the cycle of homelessness and provide stability for these young families.