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Treasures for Children

Treasures for Children Pittsburgh

Treasures for Children


Bringing holiday joy to thousands of needy children during the Christmas season.

The Salvation Army provides hope and Christmas joy to individuals and families in need. Through the Treasures for ChildrenSM program, shoppers become personally involved because they are able to choose a specific individual to help. Shoppers go to stores where TFC tags are located and choose TFC tags (with child's first name, gender and age). Shoppers return the tag with a gift. Any tags that are not taken by shoppers at locations are returned to the warehouse where from donations the children will get toys.

In Allegheny County, Treasures for Children is handled through our Divisional Headquarters office located in Carnegie. This is done in order to pool our resources and serve as many as possible. As a result, we have hundreds of companies, small offices, organizations, churches and individual sponsors who are mailed each year and asked if they would like to participate in the program. Each participating sponsor has an employee on their end to facilitate communication. This individual organizes efforts at their location by choosing the amount of tags and serving as the point of contact for the program coordinator at The Salvation Army.

Letters and forms for the program year are sent out in the middle to end of August and typically due back sometime in mid October. All sponsors receive their tags at the end of October and it allows for a little over a month to shop for all items. Deadlines for donations (either dropped off by the sponsor or picked up by The Salvation Army) are given in the initial letter and form.

Allegheny County Listing of public locations where individuals can take a tag to purchase a gift for the program:

First Commonwealth Bank
(all banks in Allegheny County)
US Steel Tower
South Hills Village
Levin Furniture

All other counties should visit our Locations page and contact their nearest Worship and Service Center or call 412-446-1500.

The Salvation Army is the recepient of these donations, but not the collectors of it

Give Christmas to Needy Children.

Treasures for Children

Interested in becoming a Sponsor?
Read our 2013 Sponsor Letter for more information.                                                           

Treasures for Children

Become a Sponsor.
You can give a gift to a needy child and The Salvation Army will see that each child receives his/her gift on Christmas morning. To find out how to sponsor a child in your area contact Leah Horcholic, Treasures for Children Coordinator, at

Treasures for Children

Volunteer with Us.
Help us sort toys and distribute toy tags throughout December.

Treasures for Children Donate to Treasures for Children.
Donate toys to your local Treasures for Children program.


Does your family need holiday assistance?

The Salvation Army identifies many needy families through its corps community centers and social services centers. A Salvation Army representative interviews each Treasures for ChildrenSM family. The family must meet minimum poverty guidelines and the children must be between the ages of birth to 13 years old to qualify for the program. The Salvation Army maintains confidentiality of all participants.

To find out if your family qualifies for holiday assistance, please call (412) 446-1500 to be refered to your local Salvation Army corps.

For more information or to participate,
please contact Leah Horcholic, at 412-446-1534 or