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Anti-Human Trafficking

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For help or to report suspected human trafficking situations, please call the Greater Cincinnati Hotline at 513-800-1863.

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Since its earliest days, The Salvation Army has worked to free women and girls from the abuse and exploitation of sexual slavery. In the 1880s, the Army's groundbreaking leadership in this area included advocacy to raise the age of consent, public awareness, outreach and rehabilitation.

The Salvation Army in Greater Cincinnati is pleased to carry on this tradition of providing support and empowering victims of human trafficking. As of May 2012, The Salvation Army has joined End Slavery Cincinnati to expand the resources and services offered locally to combat the evil of human trafficking.Combat human trafficking

Working in conjunction with the collaborative, The Salvation Army in Greater Cincinnati will implement efforts to address human trafficking in our local region. The efforts include emergency response, outreach and case management for victims. In addition to providing comprehensive care to trafficked individuals, the initiative will foster public awareness of human trafficking, and build critical relationships with law enforcement.

The Salvation Army's Anti-Human Trafficking Program provides comprehensive case management to all human trafficking victims, regardless of gender, age, or documentation status, developing an individualized service plan for each client's unique needs.  Clients will meet with a program case manager at a frequency determined by his or her individual needs and goals.  Case managers can provide overall support, crisis intervention, safety planning, advocacy, and referrals and resources.  Some of the other resources available through the case management program are listed below:

  • Housing assistance or housing search support
  • Education and Employment assistance and support
  • Clothing and material assistance
  • Documentation recovery or obtainment
  • Food assistance
  • Transportation assistance
  • Acquisition of government benefits
  • Legal and social service advocacy
  • Medical/Dental/Mental health program referrals

The Salvation Army's case management program also collaborates with other local service providers through the coalition and can provide referrals to other local agencies and organizations when needed. 

Combating human trafficking is a task that requires The Salvation Army's many talents, including effective social services, strong community relationships and spiritual strength. For help or to report suspected human trafficking situations, please call the Greater Cincinnati Hotline at 513-800-1863. Individuals, agencies or organizations may call the hotline for crisis assistance, for help leaving their situation, urgent support or referrals, or to report a human trafficking situation. Operators field calls 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and utilize a victim-centered and empowerment approach.  The hotline is is confidential, and tele-interpreters are available.  If the suspected trafficking situation is occurring outside of the Cincinnati area, please call the National Human Trafficking Resource Center at 1-888-373-7888.

For more information about End Slavery Cincinnati, view their website at this link.


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