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Grateful Donors & Volunteers

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Every day, gracious and compassionate donors and volunteers step forward to help The Salvation Army in its ministry to those in need.  We truly could not achieve our mission without their support.  For that, we are truly grateful!

Occasionally these donors and volunteers share their personal story, providing insights to their motivation in supporting The Salvation Army.  We enjoy reading their stories, are often touched deeply by what they share, and invite you to enjoy some of these treasures as well...

Just a note to tell you how much pleasure it gives me to write a check to The Salvation Army.

I'm 70 years old and The Salvation Army was the first organization I ever gave to. I was probably five years old. I remember putting coins in the red buckets. I remember Salvation Army members coming to our house in Covington during the holiday giving us the Salvation Army news. There was always a picture of the manger with Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

Times have changed, of course, but I still can't pass those red buckets. My grandchildren have noticed I drop something in going into the store and coming out. And they drop some coins in too. It's a good way to teach children to give to others not only through their churches but other Christian organizations, too.  It always blesses my heart. It's my privilege to give. Hopefully, I'll always be able.

For God's glory,

Leslie K.


"Thank You" for helping my parents in my younger years. I'm from a family of eight kids and you sure helped us. I'm 72 now; just to show you I haven't forgotten you.

God Bless You

Josephine H.


My Salvation Army Story -- In 1957 I was in Boston, MA with my 10-month-old son. My husband was in the Coast Guard. My allotment check was being transferred up there.

My son and I ate his last jar of junior baby food on toast.  So, I went to The Salvation Army to borrow some money until my check came in.  He told me they were not a loan agency, but gave me a check for $25, and called the bank so they would cash it. He told me that when I saw a Salvation Army pot to remember them.

Since 1957 I haven't missed a pot I see. 

Thank You.

Norma W.


I would be honored if you would accept a small donation from me. But first I would like to bore you with a quick story.

Approximately 60 years ago we moved back to Ohio from Indiana. Things hadn't been so good there, and wasn't much better here. Somehow, my mother and father found out that maybe there was a chance we could get food to fix for Christmas dinner from The Salvation Army.

It turned out that not only was that true, but they would alos give a toy to the children -- there were 7 of us!  I remember going into the largest room that I had ever seen, and it was full of toys -- on tables, on the floor and around the walls.  We were all permitted to pick one. I never forgot that Christmas.  "Thank You"

Through the years every time I saw one of your kettles and a blessed person ringing the bell, I made a donation of some kind. Several times I remember, through the years, my wife saying "You put money in the kettle at the last store." And I always say "Yes, but they didn't know that, and they were standing in the cold too."

Unfortunately, I can't get out and walk by those people now, due to serious health issues.  I don't have a lot but sure would be proud if you would accept what I could afford. Thank you for the wonderful work you do.  And sometime when you have a couple seconds to spare, say a prayer for me.

Thanks to your wonderful organization from a 9-year-old kid from 60 years ago -- he never forgot!

Merry Christmas with love,

Robert D.


Now retired from the Cincinnati Police, Capt. Gene H. fondly recalls that The Salvation Army helped his family 50 years ago, when they lived in West Viriginia.

Times were very difficult for Gene's family, and they lived for a time in a chicken coop that a farmer let them stay in.  His father had left the family, and his mom worked while his aunt watched over the kids. Eventually, his mom learned of The Salvation Army and went to them for help, getting it in the form of food and financial support.

Later, Gene's family moved to the Cincinnati area, and he began to go to the local Salvation Army after school.  It was there that he took bugle lessons, and learned how to play a trumpet.  These lessons helped him qualify to go to the World's Fair in 1960 with the YMCA band.  Gene attributes this all to the lessons provided by The Salvation Army, at no cost to him or his family.

Gene went on to fight in Vietnam, and joined the Newport, KY police after returning home.  He joined the Cincinnati police, and spent 36 years on the force.  He recalls working nights, and being able to take homeless people they would find on the streets to The Salvation Army.

These positive experiences of The Salvation Army have resonated with Gene throughout his life, and today he does what he can to provide financial support.


I recall with much gratitude your massive assistance in the BIG flood many years ago in Falmouth, KY. 

Thank You,

Anita D.



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