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Letters from Camp

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Each year, the children who attend camp have the opportunity to write a letter to thank those who make their visit to the camp possible.  Here is a sampling of their comments:

"Thank you so much for having me here at camp learning about Jesus and God. It's been a great experience being here cause I've learned about Jesus and God that I didn't know and I prayed and now I feel clean. I've met new friends that might be my best friends now, well at least one of them. I wish I could be camper next year but I'm too old now."

"Dear Sir, Thank you for letting me come to this camp and thank you for buying to let me come. I had the Best time at this camp because, I got to swim, I got to eat.  Love , your camper, Cheyenne.  Thank you!"

"Hi.  My name is Bailey.  I rode a horse.  I am having fun.  Thank you."Riding a horse @ Camp

"I had a lot of fun at Camp SWONEKY. And we had a pool party. We beat the staff. We had church and sing to God. Lauren."

"Dear Sponsors - Thank you for helping me get to camp. I was fun I meet new people that are my friends we got to swim a lot it was so fun I want to come back next year. Tayla E."

"Dear Donator - Thank you for giving money to Camp Swoneky. You are very nice. Without your money, I could not have come here so thank you very much. Sincerely, Lashe' M."

"Hi my name is Maddie. I like all of my counselors. I made a lot of friend. I liked all of the things we did but the best thing was when I rode a horse and that was my 1st time. Thank you for allowing me to come to camp. Maddie"

"Dear the Ministry of The Salvation Army.  I thank you for donating money to this great camp. Threw these tough economical times giving money is harsh, but I'll have you know that it was worth every penny.  Love, Tyela S."

"Dear Donor, thank you for the carnival and food and everything else. Thank you for paying my way. Brianna"

"Dear Donor, Thank you for letting me go to camp.  I appreciate that you spent all that money just so I could have fun. But you did very nice things for all the campers. Thank you for letting me go to Camp Swoneky. Your friend, Kaili"

"Dear Donor - thank you for helping me get to camp it was a great time. I had a lot Camp signof fun at this camp. Thanks again. Your friend, Anaira"

"Dear Donor - thank you for paying for us to come that was really nice of you. Love, Aleyah"

"Dear Donor - thank you for your support. I love ever thing about camp Swoneky. Sincely Dorothy"

"Dear Donor - Thank you for paying all of the for me, my brother and my sister to get to this wonderful camp. This camp  is the best camp ever. I hope I can come back to this camp for the rest of my life. Mackenzie"

"Dear Donor, Thank you for letting us ride the horses. Thank you for swimming too. I had a lot of fun. Thanks for paying for my way to camp. Love, Abby"

"Dear Donators, Hi my name is Ashley. I love Camp Swoneky it is an awesome place to be. Thank you so much for helping out with Camp Swoneky. It is fantastic. THANK YOU very much. Sincerely, Ashley"

"Thank you for letting us have so much fun with the clubs and swimming! The meals were good. I enjoyed all the nice counselors! I wish that we could stay longer! Swimming @ Camp Sincerely, Kylee N."

"Thank you! For everything that you did. I really enjoyed  everything. I am very grateful for what you did and hope that you know I am very happy. God loves you and is glad. Thank you again. Your camper, Aurora F"

"Thank you for the jumping pillow and all of the fun activities it is so fun!!!! Thank you  Maddy R."

"Thank you for letting me come to camp. I like swimming the best. From Kat"

"I loved camp  thanks"

"Dear Donors, Thank you for the donations, I fit weren't 4 you I probably wouldn't have been able to afford this camp. I would not have had as much fun as I have had this week. Sincerely & with love, Chelsey"

"Dear Donors, Hi, I want to thank you. I have had a fun time. I was in the horses club it was fun. We did a lot. I will be a volunteer in 2 years. Sincerely, Kaysha"

"Dear people - think you for giving us the money for this camp it is really really fun being here I will be 13 teen years old I love it I love being here it was fun think you  Raven  P.S. God loves you"

"Dear Donors, Thank you so much for letting us come and have a good time. It was so much fun I wish I didn't have to go home. My favorite thing here was the jumping pillow It was amazing thank you once again Love your friend, Faith"

"Dear Donators, I had so much at camp. And I wanted to thank you for donating the money to help us get into camp. And I'm hoping when I turn thirteen I could volunteer. Torrain"

Fun & friends @ Camp"Dear donors, I have had an awesome time at camp this week. I also made a lot of friends, and I thank you a lot for donating all that money you donated for me to come to camp! My favorite parts of camp were the carnival, friends, evening activities, the food, clubs, swimming.  Sincerely, Teya H."

"Dear Donor, Thank you for donating money for our camp.  I had a great time. Love, Autumn"

"Dear Donors, I had so much fun. Thank you for everything. Thanks for all the money to pay for camp Swoneky. My favorite stuff here was summing, the carnival, ropes. But just thanks for letting me come here. Lizzy"

"Dear donors, Thank you for donating money and thanks. And I am having so much fun at camp. Sincerely, Cheyenne"

"Dear Donors - Thank you for the money that you donate for us  Your friend, Dixie"

"Thank you for donating money for are camp we had a lot of fund and we got to swimming, ride horses, I injoys Camps Swoneky  Your friend, Ive"

"Dear donor, Thank you for sending me to camp Swoneky. I love it here. It's very fun when you go swimming. It's also fun when you ride horses, and eat breakfast on the porch.  Love, Cheyenne"

"Dear donors, I had fun!! At camp Swoneky and I made a lot of friends. Thanks for donating money for camp so that people could go and make new friends.  Your friend, Mariah"

"Thank you so much for donating! It was the best week of my life at first I thought I was going to be home sick but I wasn't! All the girls were like my sisters and the counselors were like my moms!  Love forever, Camper"

"Hi, I'm Madelyn. I had a lot of fun this week and the counselors are very nice and are staff are nice some fun things we did this week is go swimming, sleep, play carpetball, hang out with are friends, eat breakfast in are cabin, sitting on the porch talking, are clubs, and the must funniest things are carnival, and going HOME. Thank you vere much Madelyn"

"Thank you for letting me come here. I loved making friends. I can't wait 2 come back again. I love every one here I love my cabin! Can't wait 2 come back here at camp SWONEKY woooo hooooo your friend, Destiny J."

"Dear donor, thank you for donating money to us so we can go this camp  :  )  I had so much fun. I went to go horse back riding, a hike down suicide hill and got to catch animals like salamanders and snakes  From, Jadyn"



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