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Clothing & Household Items

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Your donations help The Salvation Army in Greater Cincinnati continue our promise of Doing The Most Good in the lives of others!

Donations of gently used items, such as clothing, furniture, appliances and toys, are a welcome part of helping The Salvation Army help others. Your tax-deductible contributions are sold through our popular Thrift Stores (located in Norwood and in Eastgate), and unusable items are recycled or resold to ensure that they are handled in a way that best utilizes the natural resources from which they are made.

Proceeds from the sale of donated items help fund our Adult Rehabilitation Centers, which provide substance abusers and others struggling with various forms of life issues with the necessary tools to re-enter society and live productive lives.

When donating clothes and household items at a staffed location, you will be immediately provided with a tax receipt of your donation for your records. To accelerate the transaction, be sure to prepare and bring an itemized list of your donation with you.


Please call 1-800-SA-TRUCK (1-800-728-7825) to discuss a free pick up of your clothing, furniture or household items or to find out the nearest drop off location bin.By donating it to The Salvation Army's clothing donation program, you can GET A TAX DEDUCTION FOR CLOTHES and SHOES YOU NO LONGER NEED.

The Salvation Army operates a fleet of trucks in the Greater Cincinnati area to pick up your donations.  We will work with your schedule as best as we can, and be aware that it may be several days until we can schedule a pick up in your neighborhood.

Due to laws and other regulations, there may be some items that we cannot accept as donations. For instance, tires, paint, windows, doors, water heaters, bathroom fixtures, and water beds are often problematic. If you have any questions about any of the items you wish to donate, please call 1-800-SA-TRUCK (1-800-728-7825). Our representatives will be able to advise you based on your location.


Do test all electrical and battery-operated equipment to make sure it is still working prior to donation
Do include all manuals, if available
Do include all pieces and/or parts
Do wash or dry-clean any clothing prior to donation
Do call ahead of time if dropping items off at a center or store
Do bring an itemized list of your donation and ask for a receipt
Do not donate broken or soiled items
Do not leave items outside a collection box or center
Do not donate items that have been recalled, banned or which otherwise do not meet current safety standards

Please continue your support! Your donations help The Salvation Army to fulfill its promise of Doing the Most Good to help the most people suffering the greatest need. Given the efficiency of our operations, The Salvation Army is consistently ranked as one of the world's top and most trusted charities and is one of America's first recyclers.


» The Salvation Army Tax Information

» The Salvation Army Valuation Guide

» Consumer Product Safety Commission

» The Better Business Bureau (BBB) Wise Giving Alliance



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