Who May Volunteer:

The opportunity to volunteer in the appropriate program is extended to persons best qualified to do a specific task without regard to race, color, sex, age, marital status or national origin. The ability to carry out the duties assigned, with satisfaction to both The Salvation Army and the volunteer, is the important consideration. The qualities of honesty, integrity and a reasonable ability to cooperate with others is also considered.


Volunteers play a vital role in all the programs and services of The Salvation Army. Without its thousands of volunteers who yearly contribute countless hours of dedicated service, the Army would find it difficult to function on such a vast, efficient scale.

Volunteers humanize Salvation Army programs. By working directly in a wide range of activities, volunteers play a key role in building relationships between the Army, the community and the people it serves.

The Salvation Army recruits, trains, mobilizes and coordinates the interested people who offer their time and skills. Every Army activity provides opportunities for volunteer service.


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