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What We Do / Emergency Disaster Services (EDS)

Emergency Disaster Services (EDS)

Our response team is on alert to respond in time of need.

The Salvation Army's disaster response teams' preparedness includes continual disaster training, updating of equipment, coordination and cooperation with federal, state, county and community emergency agencies and private agency groups. as well as contact with community resources.

The Salvation Army Responds to:

    Haz-mat Incidents
    Civil Disruption
    Missing Persons
    Transportation Accidents

    The Salvation Army Provides:

    Distribution of Basic Commodities
    Services to Emergency Workers
    Counseling/Spiritual Ministry
    Family and Casework Services
    Registration and Identification of Victims
    Medical Assistance
    Mass Feeding
    Mobile Feeding
    Handling of Donated Goods





The Salvation Army disaster response teams are coordinated and directed by commissioned officers and trained personnel, and are supported by staff and volunteers. These individuals are on call to serve at all disasters and civil disorders which place a community at risk by disrupting families' security and well being.

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