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Programs Overview

Programs Overview

With 'heart to God and hand to man', The Salvation Army strives to meet the basic needs of all who come seeking help. Taking immediate care of the basic human needs of food, shelter, clothing and safety is an important first step in the development of a more positive and permanent life change in the people we help.

It is essential to note that at no time the participation in spiritual activities be required as a condition for receiving needed services. All service given in the name of Jesus for meeting human needs and caring for hurting persons is in and of itself valued and is a spiritual ministry.

For more information about the following programs and services, please call (216) 432-0500


Learning Zone (Department 401)
A before and after school program.  In addition to feeding, transporting to and from school, and tutoring, our program focuses on holistically developing the children with both spiritual and recreational opportunities as well as the above-mentioned functions. New to our program this year is a childhood obesity prevention piece.

Community Center (Department 409)
Open recreation periods not only serve to put our children in safe healthy recreational activities but also as an entry point into our church.  We then utilize our structured recreational activities to keep the community coming back on a regular basis.  This continual attendance allows our staff to build relationships with individuals thus making the bridge to the church more of a natural next step.

Gymnasium Activities: Unstructured recreation time along with structured activities such as adult basketball leagues, youth basketball leagues, volleyball tournaments ECT.

Pool Activities: While we provide a safe healthy place for our community to swim, we also strive to develop their water safety skills.  We are currently working with both the American Red Cross and Hastings water works in order to increase structured pool activities.

Fitness Center: Fighting obesity and promoting healthy lifestyles is the main goal of the fitness center.  The fitness center provides access to health equipment that most of the neighborhood would not otherwise be able to afford.

Skating Rink:  The skating rink was added to the construction plans after community input was taken.  It has served our community well as music is such a big part of our culture.  Along with the different types of skating activities and parties we also operate structured activities such as roller hockey.

Game Room: The game room provides a healthy social environment in which our children can fellowship.  This environment also allows for our staff to more easily build relationships and minister to the children of the neighborhood.

Salvation Army Boxing Academy: Operated by Cleveland Sports Hall of Famer Clint Martin (God Father) and his assistant coach, the boxing academy is one of the top amateur boxing programs in the county.  If you want your kid to learn how to fight, this may or may not be the program for you.  If you would like your child to learn respect, discipline and a work ethic that will lead him to down the path to success in life, this is the program for you.  Filled with multiple national champions and recently entering the ranks of Olympians, this program is truly an academy not a gym.

Homeless Showering Program: We utilize the spacious locker rooms and showers of our facility to provide showering to the homeless population.  As the chill of a bitter cold winter is felt by those of us who live indoors, we serve those who live outdoors.

Feeding Program: Our feeding program feeds a hot lunch Monday thru Friday.  We have volunteers and pastoral staff that ministers to the clients during this period.  Our program feeds all month along with the last five days of the month that is traditionally served in Greater Cleveland.

Computer Lab: Our computer lab provides a safe internet and computing experience utilizing the Web Sense filtering program.

Hough Recovery Corps (Department 501)
Recovery Worship Service: This ministry is a worship service for individuals in recovery.  The goals, objectives, and methodology are focused on ministering to those in recovery.

City-Wide Recovery Basketball:  A basketball league to facilitate the recovery community.  The league consists of teams from various community recovery organizations such as the Harbor Light Complex.

Recovery Recreation: A period of activities that allow the congregation of the Recovery Corps to utilize the facility’s recreational resources ie. pool, skating, ECT.
Sunday School Program: A program in which both Corps combine to reach and teach the youth of our churches.

Celebrate Recovery Support Group: A Christian based support group for those in recovery.

Recovery Visitation: A pastoral visitation though out the recovery population such as rehabilitation centers, jails ECT.  “reaching out Christ’s hand to those who have reached rock bottom”.

Hough Corps (Department 502)
Prayer Service: A time for our church to commit to prayer and seek God’s guidance in our ministry.

Sunday Morning Worship: A worship service focused on meeting people where they are.  Whether it be introducing them to Christ for the first time or helping them find a deeper relationship with him.  While there are still lost souls, we will fight.

 Junior Church: A worship service focused on our youth.  This service is designed for those of us twelve years of age and younger.  In this program, we focus on building the Christian foundation that will prepare our youth for all that God has in store for their future.
Junior Soldiers: A program intended to train our children to be junior members of our church through theological and Salvation Army history classes.

Corps Fellowship and Planning: On these regularly scheduled days our church board meets.  After the church guidance meeting, the entire church partakes in a fellowship dinner.  This dinner is designed to serve as the Army’s form of the sacrament of communion.

Training to be a Leader:
Our church focuses on building leaders for all programs being run both now and in the future.  A structured leadership building program is essential in this task.  Through the strong emphasis on an independent leadership style, we are able to ensure that each of the Corps ministries will endure the “revolving officer” structure that the Army has in place. 

Training to be Soldier: Training to be a soldier is our church membership class.  This class teaches the history and theological doctrines of the Salvation Army.
Canteen Outreach: The Salvation Army canteen is taken to East Cleveland loaded with food to feed the needy.  However, the canteen is also accompanied by a ministry team fulfilling the true mission of the Army to save souls.  This ministry allows us to minister to people in their most vulnerable place.

Family Fun Night:  This program is focused on ministering to families.  The breakdown of the family can be attributed to most of the breakdowns in society today.  This program brings in mentors, speakers, tutors ECT. in order to help develop individuals in a family structure.
Hough Praise Dance Team: This activity uses the fine art of praise dance to both glorify our Lord and also build the qualities in our children that quality structured Christian activities do.
Zelma George Outreach: We take a ministry team to the Zelma George Emergency Shelter located at the Harbor Light Complex and minister to those clients showing them God’s grace in their time of need.

Computer Classes: Ministering to the community in a real life application.
Sonday’s Cool:  This program is your traditional Sunday School concept.  However, is intended to integrate both the Community Center and the Learning Zone programs into our church.  “Bringing children from secular style programming to our church”
Adult Bible Study: An activity to take a deeper and more complex look at the scriptures and their meanings.

Music Appreciation:  A musical program based on some of the more traditional Salvation Army musical niches.  These lessons teach individuals to play guitar, brass instruments and the timbrel.  We also include choir in this night of musical instruction.
 Corps Cadets: An activity for teens to take a deeper and more complex look at the scriptures and their meanings.  This class also takes a more in depth look at the history and teachings of the Army.

Human Trafficking Task Force: This task force consists of community organizations such as the Cleveland Rape Crisis Center, various concerned citizens, law enforcement agencies such as the US District Attorney’s office, and local churches such as The Salvation Army and Catholic Charities.  We meet to network and combine our agencies resources in order to better fight human trafficking.

Small Group Bible Study: An intimate setting bible study held at the Wilson Towers complex.
Teen Ministry:  A ministry based on building strong relationships between the youth ministry team and the youth of the church and neighborhood.  This program focuses on both the spiritual and practical developmental needs of our teens.  This program is also an excellent transitional tool used to bring children from the Community Center to the church.
Praise Team: This activity is an opportunity for the members to actively participate in Sunday Worship.  Church members facilitate the musical portion of the worship.

Visitation: A period set aside by our pastoral team to minister to individuals on a more intimate basis.  This allows us to show Christ’s love thru us on a one on one basis.

League of Mercy: A church visitation program in which the church members show compassion to those in need, literally right where they are.  The main avenue for this ministry is through the nursing homes of the community.

Men’s Fellowship: A breakfast and curriculum study for men in recovery.   
Women’s Ministry Group: A ministry that allows women to fellowship and worship together.

Summer Teen Internship: An intensive program meant to fully (spiritually, mentally, and physically) develop the teens of the church.  This program is daily (Monday – Friday) during the summer months.  Some of the activities include church planning, spiritual character building, career development , college visits, scarred straight days, field trips, and community service.

Hough Day of Jubilee: 
  This event is our major annual community outreach day.  The day includes activities such as demonstrations from the Fire and Police departments, the Cleveland Zoo ECT. This day is also utilized as a day to show the community what we are a church.  A stage and PA system are used to minister to the people of the neighborhood that are enjoying the day’s festivities.