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Railton House

What is Railton House?

Railton House is a HUD-funded, transitional housing program for homeless men. Capacity is currently 56 beds. Railton House began as a partnership project with CMHA, and has high priority placement status for all residents who are CMHA eligible. There is no minimum length of stay; however, while the maximum stay is 2 years.

Railton House provides weekly case management and aftercare groups, in-house life skills, on-site random drug screening, 24/7 staff coverage all in a strictly enforced sober and clean environment.

There are shared accommodations in 2 or 3 man units, as well as singles available for those who meet the criteria for self-sufficiency and have been referred to housing.

Who Does Railton House Help?

Railton House helps those who are on community control (probation) that have 6 months or less to completion. Those with outstanding warrants, or a record of murder, sex-offenses, arson, or recent drug trafficking are prohibited from program participation.

Questions? Please contact  Robert A. Lax, BA/BS LCDC II.  Program Manager / Mental Health Counselor by phone at (216) 361-6778, extension 102 or by email:  Rob.Lax@USE.SalvationArmy.Org