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Where We Serve / Greater Cleveland Offices

Greater Cleveland Offices

The Salvation Army of Greater Cleveland, Ohio is dedicated to the men, women, and children we serve. Covering the greater Cleveland area, we work everyday to elevate individuals up from despair to provide hope and assistance.

In teaching life skills, we provide individuals with an opportunity to maximize their physical, emotional and spiritual being to effect permanent change.

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For more information please call the Greater Cleveland offices at (216) 861-8185 or email at:



Video: The Salvation Army in Cleveland, Ohio serves to offer hope and help to those less fortunate.  Major Johnson also talks about Cleveland Christmas Distribution.  More Videos >

The Salvation Army of Greater Cleveland
2507 E. 22nd Street Cleveland, Ohio  44115  (map)
phone: (216) 861-8185  |  fax: (216) 928-6006  |  web:

Major Lurlene-Kay M. Johnson
Divisional Secretary of Greater Cleveland
Phone: (216) 861-8185  |   fax: (216) 861-1463 |  email:


Jodi Keller
Manager of Special Services
office: (216) 623-7422 | fax: (216) 861-1463
Mary McSears
Finance/Accounting Specialist
office: (216) 623-7474 | fax: (216) 928-6006
Erin Lang-Jerro
Director of Advancement
office: (216) 623-7488 
Kenny Torres
Department Assistant
office: (216) 623-7419
David Rodgers
office: (216) 623-7450 | fax: (216) 928-6006
Tonya Traylor
Chief Accountant
office: (216) 623-7435 | fax: (216) 928-6006
Karen Brauer, LSW
Director of Social Services, Greater Cleveland
office: (216) 623-7423 | fax: (216) 619-1768