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Learning Zone


The Salvation Army Learning Zone provides individuals of every age with a time and place to be involved in wholesome learning experiences. These experiences will broaden their horizons while enhancing their capabilities and self-esteem, with the goal of teaching them to make positive choices in all aspects of their lives.


The Salvation Army Learning Zone's objectives are as follows:

Academic Growth

  • Provide educational opportunities for all levels of academics
  • Provide meaningful activities that promote reading, writing, and problem solving

Emotional Growth

  • Provide an encouraging atmosphere to nuture positive living
  • Help develop self-esteem, communication skills, and emotional maturity

Social Growth

  • Provide recreational activities that support team building and cooperation
  • Provide arts, crafts, music, drama, etc. to enhance skill development
  • Provide and example for students to emulate

Spiritual Growth

  • Provide a caring, Christian environment in which people feel safe and loved
  • Provide a model for Christ-like behavior
  • Teach Spiritual values and biblical truth

The Learning Zone consists of three components. Each component is designed with the needs of individual communities and congregations at the forefront of development.

Questions or Comments? Contact Christopher S. Vilevac at (216) 623-7411 or email at: