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The Salvation Army of Ithaca
Academy Music & Fine Arts


    The Salvation Army of Ithaca Music and Arts Program is designed to address a major concern in our community­, the lack of positive extracurricular activities that promote learning and self-worth.
    Our goal is not only to teach students how to play a musical instrument, but to also give them the necessary skills to develop and grow into mature adults with a positive outlook on life.

   We strive to accomplish this by offering  constructive after school programming for the children in our community that will challenge their minds, uplift their spirits and help them envision dreams to strive for. 

    The Salvation Army has proven to be successful in accomplishing these goals by offering free music instruction to all students in the third grade and above.  Giving a child the opportunity to develop the skills needed to reach one’s full potential is our objective which, in turn, will improve the general community. 

    We encourage the students to work on the following essential skills through music instruction:  social development, communication, critical assessment, self-concept, creativity, cooperative and self discipline.

     Very few courses of study, if any, singularly help to develop all these skills simultaneously.  However, it has been well established that music instruction incorporates and improves all of these skills. 
    Our staff includes three instructors with bachelor degrees in music and six volunteers who are excellent musicians and also hold a high standard of excellence.

The Salvation Army of Ithaca’s
Music Program offers
to anyone in 3rd grade and/or older. 
Home Schooled students and Adults are welcome!

Areas of study for private lessons:

Areas of study for classes:
Piano Lab
Guitar Class
Theory Class


The Salvation Army of Ithaca
150 North Albany St.
Ithaca, NY 14850

For Lesson Information, contact Ben Payton

Contact Information:

Ben Payton, Music Director
150 N. Albany St .
Ithaca , NY 14850

Major Carl Carvill
Agency Director/Pastor

Major Barbara Carvill Pastor/Administrator
Captain Tracy Hughes, MS

Associate Officer Ben Payton, Mus. B
Music Director


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