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Our focus is to motivate students by expanding their learning opportunities and preparing them to succeed in the future



The Salvation Army has been operating the Tutoring Center for the last seven years assisting 100 students a week.  The young people involved demonstrated their appreciation of this project by attending on a regular basis and participating in structured learning activities once their homework is completed.  Results from all these years indicated that school attendance has improved, interest in school increased, and grades went up.


Since we started our Tutoring Centers and Kids' Cafe, the number of school-age children has increased.  The need for a Computer Lab grew as a natural response to help children with their homework in a better way by using software applications as well as the Internet for research. 

We offer a Computer Lab consisting of twelve used computers. Our vision is to provide a more dynamic way for children in need in our community to learn.  By providing access to computers we will facilitate the students' ability to comfortably understand and operate basic technology and communication tools needed to succeed in today's marketplace.



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