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In keeping with William and Catherine Booth's primary goal, The Salvation Army in Mansfield is actively preaching and proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ through its many Christian fellowship programs.

Having originated as an outgrowth of the Methodist tradition, The Salvation Army is a mainstream Christian church and denomination. Its worship services center on the love, grace and forgiveness of God through the redemptive power of Jesus Christ.

From Sunday worship services, to men's, women's and children's fellowship programs, rebuilding lives on the foundation of Jesus Christ is where true change and success of those who rely on The Salvation Army occurs.

The Salvation Army's Worship services are open to all. You are invited to join us Sunday morning's at 9:45 am for our Morning Worship followed by Sunday School at 11:00 am and then our new In-STEP Service (Sharing, Teaching, Eating Together and Prayer,) which begins at 12:00 pm with lunch.


  • 16,571 hot meals served to 10,884 individuals           

  • 332 families assisted with utilities
  • 5,052 boxes of groceries helped 14,714 people
  • 5,052 boxes/14,714 individuals/3meals for 3 days = 132,426 meals
  • Nearly 600 families assisted during 2010 Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons
  • 93 families assisted with rent and mortgage
  • Other programs, such as shoes, provided help to over 600 individuals
  • Over $100,000 of additionally donated food and sundry items distributed to those in need



Dewald Community Center is preparing the way for individuals of all ages to make positive life choices and become increasingly self-reliant.  Academic, emotional, social and spiritual growth is encouraged through unique programs. Outcomes for the Learning Zone after school program for teacher-referred students in 2nd - 6th

New program start up: TEEN Zone now serves 7th - 9th graders who are primarily, but not exclusively, former Learning Zone students

Budget Workshop and Open Computer classes continue to indicate effective and enjoyable learning experiences through survey results


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