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Donations to The Salvation Army

Thank you for your interest in contributing to the good works of The Salvation Army! As a leading human services provider, The Salvation Army gladly accepts donations in many forms to further the work of its Mission.

A Few Good Reasons to Give to The Salvation Army:
Number 1The Salvation Army has a proven track record that goes back over 130 years, and over 120 years in Canada. This has made it one of the world's largest providers of social services, and one of the most trusted. 
Number 2The Salvation Army ministers to the whole person. It strives to be an agent of beneficial change in people's lives, as well as meet the needs of the moment.
Number 3All funds donated to The Salvation Army are used by The Salvation Army, or agencies of which it is a member. The Salvation Army connects your donation directly to the point of most urgent need.
Number 4The Salvation Army is a multi-faceted movement, with a broad range of services. This enables donors to target their gift to a specific social benefit within the same organization. All such gifts are delivered in full to the program specified.
Number 5There is no organization that can more readily mobilize itself where and when the need is greatest, and deliver the personal care and attention that we believe everyone deserves.



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