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7 Reasons We’re Grateful for You

Already this year, your generosity and compassion for people in need have had a huge impact in our community.


With your help, hungry families have received food. Homeless people have found safe shelter. And neighbors who have lost jobs and homes in the midst of the struggling economy have discovered new hope. But that’s just the beginning.


What follows are seven specific ways your partnership has blessed your neighbors in need.


1. 1,157,554 meals for the hungry

2. 136,921 nights of shelter

3. Emergency help for 91,515 families in crisis

4. Rehabilitation and recovery programs for 715 people

5. Over 158,167 articles of clothing for the needy

6. Counseling and spiritual direction for 51,740 lost souls

7. Disaster relief services to 34,892 individuals


These are also the seven reasons we’re grateful for you. Thank you for giving much-needed hope to hurting people.

“It Was Like The Salvation Army Was Sent Down from Heaven.”

A Personal Word from Colonel Steven M. Howard

Elderly Woman is Safer Because People Like You Care