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“It Was Like The Salvation Army Was Sent Down from Heaven.”

My name is Janice, and I’ll be forever grateful for the folks at The Salvation Army.


To say times have been tough for me and my two children is a gross understatement. Diagnosed with a debilitating illness, doctors deemed me unable to work. So, as a single mom, I was very worried about my kids and how I would provide for them.


When we were evicted from our home, it seemed like the world was crashing down around us. We had no income and no place to stay. My kids tried to be brave, but my spirit was slowly being crushed.


It was like The Salvation Army was sent down from heaven. They invited us into one of their transitional housing programs. We received safe shelter, food, and counseling to lift our spirits. But that was just the beginning. The kind folks there helped me apply for Social

Security Disability benefits, which I now receive. I still remember opening that first check.


The tears just rolled down my face.


We’re now preparing to exit the transitional housing program and move into our own place. What a blessing!


Many thanks to all the good people who support the great work of The Salvation Army.

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