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Service Extension Dept.

What is Service Extensions and Who Does it Help?

The Service Extension Department is an outreach of The Salvation Army specifically designed to reach the needs of those living in less populated and more rural areas of Northeast Ohio where a Salvation Army Communtiy Corps. is not located. Through this program, which is primarily operated by volunteers, The Salvation Army ensures that no one in Northeast Ohio is beyond the scope of The Salvation Army’s services. The mission of The Service Extension Department is to meet human need promoting the redemptive and life-changing process in the recipient, donor, and volunteer.

The Service Extension department consists of two components: (1) Service Centers, and (2) Service Units.

A Service Center is operated out of its own building, has at least one staff member, and offers expanded services .
A Service Unit is located in a community church building or other facility, run solely by volunteers, and may offer a full limited array of services.

In What Ways Does it Help?  The Service Extensions Dept. help in Social Services in utlities assistance, prescriptions, food vouncher and pantries and programs such as back-to-school supplies, coats for kids, angel tree, adopt-a-family and more!


Questions or to find a Service Center and Unit near you? Please contact Thomas Thurn, Service Extension Department Director at (216) 623-7469 or