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Elderly Woman is Safer Because People Like You Care

Agnes never had to ask for help from anyone.


The product of a generation that believes in hard work and self-reliance, the determined woman had always done whatever it took to make ends meet for her family. But now living alone, and on a fixed income, getting those ends to meet is increasingly difficult.


Equally difficult for Agnes was drumming up the courage to walk into The Salvation Army and ask for assistance. But she didn’t know what else to do, and she truly needed help . . .


Nowhere Else to Turn


So Agnes sat down with one of our counselors, opened her heart, and began sharing her story.


We learned that Agnes had been relying on her oven to keep warm. With no other heat source in her home, she would run her oven with the door open for hours on end. This led to a very high electric bill that she was unable to pay, not to mention the fact that she was living with an extremely dangerous fire hazard.


Through the generosity of friends like you, The Salvation Army was able to pay Agnes’ electric bill to ensure she didn’t lose power. She also received two heaters to provide her with a safer, more economical means of warmth. She now uses her oven just for cooking.


Thank you for opening your heart to help people like Agnes when they need it the most.




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