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Social Services & Programs Provided by The Salvation Army

 The Salvation Army is the single largest provider of social services of its kind within the United States. Our comprehensive social ministries provide a myriad of preventative, support, and rehabilitative services. Holistic service is our goal as we work to meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of families and individuals.

The range of programs that we offer encompasses everything from after-school programs, social clubs, and parenting classes through drug and alcohol rehabilitation and disaster response. We regularly partner with churches, charities, and other organizations to reach and assist as many people as possible. We believe that helping others creates hope for a better tomorrow. The Salvation Army labors 24-7 to continue fulfilling its promise of Doing the Most Good.

Please take a moment to review our Services & Programs Section to learn more about The Salvation Army's services and opportunities in the Newport area.



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