Gymnasium Rentals

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General Information & Requirements

Definitions: For the purpose of this agreement, the following definitions are used:
Facility - the Gymnasium Building
Space - one or more of the areas in the Gymnasium Building: gymnasium floor, lobby/entrance area, locker rooms & classroom.
Usage Fee - the cost involved to have someone available to open and close the facility and be on hand should the need arise, and to cover the use of utilities.

Facility Usage Priorities:
The use of the facility by various groups for events and activities is listed in general order of priority and only under exceptional and specific circumstances will changes in these priorities be considered by the Commanding Officer and/or the Officer Manager. The general order is as follows:

1. The Salvation Army - Lake County Area Services:
Week Day Feeding Program
After School Programs
Learning Center
Open Gym
Corps Youth Activities
Other Salvation Army Events and Activities

2. Public/Community Organizations:
Usage for outside public/community organizations (not-for-profit) for sporting, educational, and other events and activities.

3. Private/Commercial Use:
Usage for private/commercial use.

Gymnasium Usage Fees:
Usage fees and reservation/damage deposit fees are subject to periodic review. Revisions are subject to the approval of the administrator responsible for the operation of the facility. Fees are listed below.
This policy will be reviewed, and may be amended from time to time. The policy is administered by the Corps Officers and Office Manager who are responsible for the operation of the facility.

Reservations and Damage Deposit Fee:
A combined reservation/damage deposit fee of $60.00 must be paid in advance to reserve a booking. Confirmation will be sent upon receipt of a deposit and a signed facility agreement form.
If the damage exceeds the deposit, the group using the space shall be responsible for paying for the balance of the damage, over and above the damage deposit.

Cancellation Fee:

Contact the Office Manager for details.

Rental Fees:

1. Gymnasium floor, lobby/entrance area & locker rooms:
$50.00 per hour
2. Classroom:

Combination Space:
1 & 2 Gymnasium floor and classroom:
$50.00 per hour

Custodial Fees:
$10.00 per hour


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