Weekly Youth Programs

Our mission in the youth programs is to provide a safe environment where youth can escape the pressures of our world.  We are here to minister to our youth with the love of Christ.  Every youth is accepted and encouraged to join us.       

9:30am:  Sunday School  (All Ages)

5:30-7:00pm : Club 3:16   (Grades 1-5)
6:00-8:00pm: Teen Group (Grades 6-12)


"The Girl Squad"


The Learning Zone

School age children are provided with an after school program that includes meaningful opportunities for learning, resulting in academic, social, and spiritual growth. Staff and volunteers work with parents, teachers and other professionals tailor the program to meet the needs of the individual child. Children also receive a nutritious snack, time for physical activities and creative arts.

The establishment of a Salvation Army Learning Center is an attempt to create a program that will strike at the root of the cycle of poverty – lack of basic educational skills. The New York Times, March 15, 1999, reported that a “new study has shown that by starting early – in grades one through six – to foster an interest in school and learning among children, many of these risky behaviors (violence, drug abuse, teen pregnancy, etc.) can be averted and school attendance and performance can be improved.” By intervening before the child is used to failing, he/she is more likely to succeed.

If a child never fully grasps reading comprehension in the second grade, he/she will never fully grasp math story problems in the third grade or science problems in the fourth grade. It is a vicious cycle which leaves children feeling inadequate and causes low self-esteem. The “streets” hold more appeal because that child often understands the streets far better than they understand their textbooks. Fortunately, in many cases, children only need light tutoring in grade one to understand concepts that may lead to their success in later grades.

It is the Learning Center’s aim to reach these children before they are used to failing, and before they become statistics of our social welfare programs. By sharing the love of Christ through educational empowerment, we give them valuable tools needed to succeed in life.


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