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Reclaiming Lives with Help from The Salvation Army

Released 12 April 2012

The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center of Philadelphia sorting roomFor 132 years, The Salvation Army has served as a beacon of hope to individuals who have lost their way in Philadelphia. Whether they suffer from substance abuse, personal crises, homelessness or any other challenges, The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center (ARC) Program is equipped with the necessary resources to guide them towards health and self-healing.

One of just 100 centers serving this purpose nationally, The Salvation Army ARC in Philadelphia offers more than 130 beds to individuals in need of assistance. The Salvation Army welcomes new residents with a thorough initial assessment to determine appropriate individual treatment.

"What we do is to take the broken pieces of their life and help them put it back together," said Major John Cranford, administrator of The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center in Philadelphia, "and transfer them back into society effectively."

Program residents are immersed in a clean, healthy living environment for a six-month commitment, during which they prepare themselves to re-enter society and gain employment. Residents are immediately involved in individual and group counseling in order to begin the process of emotional healing. They also participate life-skills training and work therapy as well as enjoy structured recreation time.

The Salvation Army ARC Program has a strong emphasis on spiritual healing, and encourages its residents to turn to God through weekly spiritual sessions and worship. This multi-faceted approach to healing sets The Salvation Army program apart from other programs nationally and has led to incredible results for the individuals it helps.

"The spiritual aspect of the program makes it different from others," Cranford said. "We work with the total individual; not only do we meet physical and emotional needs, but we meet their spiritual needs. The Salvation Army has an excellent rehabilitation recovery rate that averages between 30 and 40 percent, compared to an average 3 percent in other programs nationally."

Now more than ever, The Salvation Army is there to help. Cranford has noticed steadily rising patterns of substance abuse in Philadelphia, but there are many of other reasons why people turn to The Salvation Army ARC for assistance.

The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center of Philadelphia, successJane, a mother and grandmother who turned to The Salvation Army ARC in her time of desperate need, is thankful to say that The Salvation Army helped her to fully recover from her life-threatening issues. A woman once addicted to alcohol and suffering from depression, Jane has become a new woman since completing The Salvation Army's program.

The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center Program is fully funded by material donations that are sold in Salvation Army Family Thrift Stores.

"We ensure that our residents' lives are regenerated by the Lord," added Cranford. "Not only do we renew donated goods for the program, but we renew people's lives."

"My prayers were answered," Jane said. "Here was a safe place and haven, and an opportunity to start over. I'm so grateful The Salvation Army provided that opportunity."


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